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Zombie Air-Show [09/26/2007]

First, before everything happened, there were supposedly evil spirits living in my woods. I recall in memory that I ventured back there several times and encountered them and ran away.

At some point in time, I recall praying to seal them away so they would not return. Sort of like a ward to get rid of them. These spirits could take some kind of human form like zombies. They were hard to kill, but it was possible to capture them. With the right attack, it was possible to slice them length-wise down their body and they would return to dust.

That was only a recollection I had near the beginning of this dream. I believe I may have dreamt further back than what I remember, but at this point I only remember how to ward and to kill these spirits.

Now, I was back at the house having some kind of party of sorts. We ordered pizza and some people drank cups of beer while others, myself included, only had soda or something else. I only took one slice of pizza and sat down with a group of friends at one table among many others. For some reason, I was a bit clumsy with my cup of soda. First I almost dropped it, then I took a huge gulp and almost spilled it on myself. A friend next to me, I think it was Jeremy, pointed out to me that I was being clumsy, to which I confirmed. I blamed the mistakes on a lack of sleep.

The room we were in was more like a large auditorium with a low ceiling. And I believe it was underground like a basement in a very large house. The room was also very dimly lit with exception of the kitchen nook and the wide stairwell leading out.

At some point I decided to go back and get some more pizza, but they had already packed up the remaining slices and were then divvying up what was left and planned to give it to a few people who didn't make it to the party.

Now, people started moving upstairs and outside for some fun. The yard was narrow, but somewhat deep. A large deck-like structure was set back a little ways from the house leaving a decent lawn area between the two. The deck was in the shape of a cross. Each extension of the cross was like long gradual stairs leading off of the platform in the center. The wood had a nice light color to it, and there were thick vines along the railings the lined the edges of the stairs on all sides. Trees grew up between each segment of the cross out in the grass beyond it. Thick vegetation grew around the edge of the yard like a fence, and wire fencing held it back. All the vegetation was vibrant-green and the sky seemed cloudy.

Some guys were playing some kind of game around the area of the cross. One African-American guy was playing the carrier in this game. The goal seemed to be split among players. Some tried to keep this oblong object away from the carrier for a period of time, while others tried to make sure he held onto it for a period of time. Either goal would win one team the game. It was sort of like a team version of kill the carrier.

Now the carrier threw this object and it bounced off the wire fence and into the yard beside the deck area. I mentioned to him that he was lucky it fell into the yard and not in the wooded vegetation. I then ran and picked up the object. The object now appeared like a large square thing, and it seemed easiest to throw it kind of like a giant Frisbee, pushing at the corner to make it spin better. I ran toward the house and to the top point of the cross. Some people chased after me as did the carrier. He asked me to toss it back to him, and I lunged it toward him. He then said something to the effect of, "Now I know who's on my team next time we play."

Now instead of running back to the deck, we ran down a path and into the woods behind our house. Everyone else seemed to be walking down there ahead of us, so we caught up and walked along with them.

We walked down a path not unlike the left-most path in my parents actual yard. We went down the hill and deeper into the woods. A trail led up and to our right, but we chose to go down and to the left and further back. The vibrant-green color eventually changed into a dark orange, brown and almost black scene. It almost seemed the color of a cat's eye gemstone.

We now reached a large pond with some slight fog that all appeared like this dark orange scene. The area felt rather haunted as though spirits were creeping up on us. A rather tall scholarly man was ahead of us adorned with a slight beard. We all stopped for a moment. At that point I thought to myself that perhaps the ward I had placed in the woods was wearing off, and the spirits were returning to the woods. And I wondered why they return on this night of all nights when I have guests over for a party and they're now wandering in these woods.

The man in front of me also stopped along with a girl who was walking beside him. He spoke up saying, "Wait a minute. Could this be...," and then he whistled. I heard the whistle and in the high tone that it was, one would have expected it to resonate and echo deep into the woods. You would have thought it might sound like a whistle in the woods normally does. Instead, the whistle died out quickly like it was dampened out. It didn't fade out so quickly as a small padded room. But it didn't fade out in echoes like it would in the woods. It sounded unnatural.

It seemed from that whistle that this man knew much about these spirits and knew that a whistle would confirm their presence. He turned off to our left and a few of us followed him. We traversed along the edge of the pond a little ways until we came across an old van and in the distance beyond it was a large house hidden in the woods overlooking the pond. All its lights appeared to be lit up.

Immediately, a woman we didn't know came down to us from the direction of the house. I can't recall exactly, but I believe she subdued and killed someone on her way over to us. I knew right then that she was one of those zombie creatures that now came after us. I jumped into action and tried to attack her in some way that might make her crumble into the ashes before us. The man that was studying the situation went about something behind the van, as I did this. After all my efforts, the woman fended off all my attacks, and began to go after me.

When I had almost given up on this, the scene moved, and I was beyond the woman and near the house. Two people followed me to help out. At the house, a crowd of zombies could be seen through its windows as we peered inside. They seemed to be minding their own business. The three of us made it up a stairway to a wrap-around deck on the second floor. I think the house also had a wrap-around deck on the first floor. The deck only went around part way on the left side of the house and we reached a window at the end. We planned to break in through the window, but instead, as I turned to my right, the two I was with were impaled by tree branches and pulled back to a tree at the corner of the house. They were dead.

Now, the scene changed and it felt like many years had passed. Maybe 40 or 50 years. A whole new era and society was in place, and the incident from before was almost forgotten. I saw a doctor walk down a street in a small town and enter a building on this side street on the left of the street. It took him a moment to get inside because the door was locked with a thick chain and padlock. He let the chain and lock hang at the side of the entrance as he entered the building.

Inside this clinic, it felt like a ward for the insane. However, in each room were housed these zombies. They were either chained up or somehow incapacitated so they would not harm anyone. Some had things over their hands to keep them from grabbing at people.

Now two other individuals came into the building also. I believe they were there to work on something with the doctor that came in earlier. What the doctor and others did not know was that all this time, the zombies were adapting to their restraints and planning an escape. The zombies somehow learned to shift their shape and were able to escape the chains and all. They changed their look to appear exactly like the doctor and his colleagues. Now, they subdued their caretakers and locked them up. They escaped the clinic and locked the door behind them as they left.

On the street, their forms changed back to their original mutated appearances. Some people walked down the street toward them, but instead of being alarmed, they viewed them like they were outcasts of society and offered them to join in their less than innocent fun.

They fled onward and through a park and I followed their story as the dream continued. In the midst of this all I recall, at some point, entering an area at night and seeing shards of something on the ground. We needed to blow them up to prevent something from returning. We took one cherry bomb, and all these cherry bombs we had looked like light-blue wax birthday candles, and put it in one of the shards and blue it up. My companion urged us to move on, but I wanted to blow up two other shards nearby. I twisted two cherry bombs together and placed one end in each of the shards. They were lit and exploded. I then found that a fourth cherry bomb was in my hand and was lit. I tried to snuff it out with my fingers, but could not, so I threw it in what looked like a trash can. My friend sat next to the can, and I alerted him that the can was going to blow up because I tossed a cherry bomb in it that I couldn't put out.

After this, I found myself traveling among a group of about nine of us. We were a mix of normal people and some of these zombies that didn't look all that abnormal. The zombies talked like us and acted somewhat normal with exception of having some rather wild personalities. One woman, human, led the way and appeared as a motherly figure to us. Two or three children were among us and the rest of us seemed like teenagers or something.

We rushed out through a hallways lined with small shops and eateries and made our way outside. The place seemed like an airport or something because of what happened next.

As we got outside, it was later at night and it appeared as though an air-show or demonstration of sorts was going on. In the distance, a dark outline of a large tower could be seen. It was maybe ten stories tall and was about as tall as it was wide.

Overhead, a red aircraft flew over the tower and dropped two dummy bombs on the top of the building. It then flew around behind us and off to our left. We turned around and saw it in a field, now on our right. The field was secluded by trees so I can't say for sure if it was a field, but it seemed like it was.

Spotlights lit up the entire bottom of the aircraft as it tilted thirty degrees to the left. When the whole craft could be seen in the orange glow of spotlights, it dropped its remaining dummy payload. Two large bombs dropped followed by four more smaller ones, two for each large bomb. Then after those, two streams of about four or more bombs dropped from bays in the plane. The speed of the drop was so quick that it seemed like they all spilled out at the same time within inches of each other. The red plane itself looked much like an SR-71, but the wings spanned almost to the cockpit, and the engines also stretched out similarly. The engines also seemed like they were closer to the plane's main hull.

That craft flew off as another craft came in from behind us to our right. This craft was like nothing else. As it came in, it looked like the bottom of five or six small boats held together by pipes like a wire-frame. Above was a similar-shaped canopy that kept the craft adrift in the air as it floated down and landed in a lake to our right.

Now it appeared more like a small one-man water craft that was like the fusion of two boat frames by piping so one was above and the other was below the individual driving it. The driver could flip the craft over entirely and float around on the other frame. The frames themselves didn't appear unlike the top half of a helmet off of a Halo game character. They were shaped like the visor and top part of one of those helmets.

After watching this guy for a little while, one of the zombie guys got a bit over-excited, so we calmed him down and we left the area and headed back through the contemporary hallway lined with shops.

Soon, we approached a small coffee shop with an exposed sitting area. A lady sat at one table and was talking to someone about how she decided that her family did not need to rent out a 14-passenger van that they originally chose. It sounded like she planned to exchange it, but the mother in our group quickly took the opportunity to take the van instead. We were a group of at least 9 people, so we make good use of it.

After stopping at the coffee shop and settling the deal, we were about ready to make our final preparations to leave the place. But at this point we realized we didn't have all the papers we needed to claim the van we wanted to rent. One person in our group said we could talk to the bearded receptionist standing out in the lobby, along with one other guy, next to the elevators. So a couple of us went over to take care of that issue. We were now all set to leave, and at that point I woke up.

One strange symbol I saw throughout this dream was one thing followed by two things. I was followed to the zombie house by two people. The doctor was followed into the clinic by two people. The fire cracker was followed by two fire crackers. The red airplane was shaped with a middle hull and two side-hauls that housed its engines. The large dummy bombs were each followed by two other bombs. I don't know what this means, but it all seems related and possibly has some grounding in real life like dreams often are.

I know for sure that some of this comes from watching too many horror videos lately, and some comes from seeing some of Halo 3 yesterday, but otherwise there are strange things that don't seem to follow any of this speculation.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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