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The Black Snake-Cat; The Fire Sword [5/03/2008]

I was in my parents' house during the day and somehow a large black possibly poisonous snake was in the house. I was trying to get rid of it, but the snake could somehow slide into the floor and under walls. I scared it under the wall and tried to find where it went. A girl was in the house and was also involved in catching this snake. She opened a door near the wall where the snake went under, and there the snake was hiding. I went into the small hallway behind the door and grabbed at the snake until I held the snake by two hands near its head. At this point, I had a black kitten in my hands that was trying to bite my hands and escape. At the floor I could see the tail of a snake as though I was still holding the snake out in front of me. I can't really say how, but it seemed like it was a snake with the head of a cat, and the legs of a cat that were all near its head. And that is all I remember of that dream.

The next dream could have been an adventure story. The story of the Fire Sword begins late at night and I find myself in a large fortress of a factory. From afar you would think it was the dominion of a dark emperor. Indeed it was the home of an evil king, but it was also a factory designed to convert people to become part of his army. That night we invaded the factory in an attempt to destroy the machinery and take down his empire.

Somehow, and I have little recollection so far back as the beginning of our struggle, we were trapped in a tight spit and lost the four great swords we were given for our purpose. I forget whether we surrendered them or if they were dropped or snatched away.

The emperor knew of our presence now in this factory and he make plans to trap and kill us with the factory itself. The factory was full of automated lifting platforms and barriers and machines designed to stamp parts with extreme force. They were only suppose to function at a certain speed, and that speed we first followed when we entered the factory. In his escape however, the emperor demanded the machines to speed up to ten times faster than it was now. Platforms raced across the rooms and barriers responded to motion like lightning. One of our crew stepped in the path of a platform before we knew of the change. He was slammed and flew against a wall at fatal force.

We tried to get in further to cripple the system but the obstacles now facing us were far too dangerous. We needed to move on the army with which the emperor now retreated. Our only assumption was that the emperor now decided to make his move early upon our intrusion. That plan we knew involved world domination because his soldiers were once his enemies now converted.

We left the factory and went into a nearby forest and to a small cabin. A very old woman, I assumed to be my mother, stood outside with what looked like a specially carved bamboo tube tied to a string. She swung it around in circles making a very strange sound. She was clued into the sudden happenings and believed she knew the next step in overcoming this struggle. The sound from the tube could be heard far and wide, but primarily to fell creatures of the woods who found the noise repulsive.

As we sat in the cabin thinking, her idea appeared to work. Soon many creatures including wolves and beavers and other forest creatures started to appear from the dark shadows of the forest and approached her were she stood outside. She stopped the noise and ran into the cabin shutting it behind her. There she stood against the door and soon the creatures teared through the door killing her and soon attempted to attack us, but we pleaded for safety and said we were only trying to defeat the evil emperor in his new quest. The creatures stopped suddenly inches from us and began to speak. The beaver ahead of all creatures stood before me and told us of a fire sword we must retrieve if we had any chance to defeat him. He warned us that the sword was heavily guarded by a people.

After learning this, we went to action and the scene suddenly changed to a lookout over the village where these people guarded the fire sword. I wondered how we were going to get into the small fort that we saw below which was the obvious place for the sword. A slanted roof area was seen on the north side which one could run all the way up from the ground. Instantly the group of about eight of us were on the roof laying in a strange pattern.

No one had noticed us yet, and we moved up the roof in a very bizarre fashion as though we were mimes making a pattern with our eight bodies to make ourselves inconspicuous. We moved and the grunts around us only appeared to be puzzled by the look of the roof and didn't seem to notice that we were people but rather part of the roof. We got near the top and we grabbed the fire sword from its place up top. Immediately they noticed our presence there and came at us. The fire sword was given to me. It had a waving twisted blade and was hardly a short sword. I swung it at a couple grunts and it sliced them like butter.

We all made a run for it fighting off the those who came at us. Guns came into the equation as they saw their swords were not effective. We ran dodging bullets. My college friend, Danielle was in our group as was my housemate, Jeremy. Danielle appeared to have been shot or stabbed in the chest to the upper right. I went to her and coaxed her to get up and run, but she had the intentions of dying there. I picked her up in my arms and ran down the hill into a tall pine woods where the trees were so tall that canopy stood far above us and the lower branches were cleared. The ground was orange-brown with the color of pine needles covering the ground. We ran and soon heard the sounds of vehicles coming toward us. At first it looked like a small fire truck, like a pickup-truck with the usual color and utility cabinets on it, but it had two rear axles like an army truck. It came at us but soon turned to the sound of a tank and as I looked back again, still running, it was indeed a tank.

I said something to Danielle about the fact we had to run for at least an hour to get away from them, but as the tank appeared, hope started to diminish. Then we, Jeremy included, ran into a small field with some mounds in it. In the field we spotted grenades from a cluster bomb of sorts. The grenades were like balls with a button on them. A few of them had smoke rising from them. This gave us the believe that they were timed grenades. They gave off a smoke of warning and exploded soon after. This was only true if the button on the grenade were to be pressed, which is often the case because they are dropped like a bomb full of grenades out of a plane. We ran through and hoped that we could get to the other end of the field before any exploded. We succeeded and reached a woods on the other side and a path of dirt that led into the woods. I believe at this point the smoking grenades blew up disabling the tank.

It was now late at night and we were running through the woods. Danielle was still in my arms and a little while later I was holding a bag of grapes, which I believed to be Danielle. Because she was a bag of grapes, I assumed she was sleeping. We ran on and on. The sun started to rise to our left just above the trees and a field. Danielle I believed to have been sleeping for six hours. I had compassion on her and continued to run on just behind Jeremy as we escaped. I then woke up.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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