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Accident and Chosen One [9/06/2003]

I had two dreams last night, and both were rather disturbing and/or scary.

The first involved Amy, Emily, Swanie, Matt, and I. We were driving an 8 passenger dodge ram that Amy and Emily's parents had gotten them to drive around in. So Amy drove us to like a university/mall type place and parked in a big lot like most malls would have. We went into this big building that seemed like a cross between a 4 story hotel and a mall. Students were studying in a big glass-window front room. A table was out that sold turquoise jewelry. Amy and Emily proceeded to take some of the jewelry from the table and continue on our way as if it was fine to take jewelry from the store without paying.

We went up some stairs into the mallish part of the building, and went into a little restaurant for something to drink and some wings. Amy ordered some kind of alcoholic beverage and we all had our drinks and headed out. We passed by the table again and they took more of the jewelry, but this time the students studying noticed them taking the jewelry and started to go after us about it. We walked back to the van as they harassed us and somehow they found out that we were all Christians. I think the van had some kind of Christian bumper sticker or something on it.

Well, they stopped pursuing us and stood by themselves and discussed the situation. We all got in the van, and Swanie was the last person to go, but Amy had already started up the van and was starting to pull out. I alerted her that Swanie was there, but she didn't listen to me. She somehow got the van turned around sideways in the parking spot and bumped the car to the spot that was to the left of our spot. And she continued to work the car in this sideways position. I yelled out, "No!" really loud and in an agonized voice because she suddenly ran over Swanie as Swanie was trying to get in the van. I yelled at Amy and then got out to check on Swanie. She was lying on the ground, and I can over to her and she leapt up. She was obviously in pain and then she yelled at Amy and saying how Amy almost killed her from here down, as she leveled her hands with the place where the front right tire and run over her. Nothing seemed wrong with her though except being soar.

Swanie got in the back seat and laid down and I got back in the front seat. So we were all set to go, and Amy ran the van into the van that was parked on to the right of our parking spot. The van was now at an angle that she could pull out forward and get out. She slammed on the gas and we went down the drive and across the road toward the mall. I yelled at her to slow down and stop, but she didn't listen. We went over some grass, and then the sidewalk, and slammed into the building head on. I was looking at Amy in my nervous fright and although I was buckled in, it didn't seem to help because I saw myself go through the windshield and almost hit the wall before the seatbelt even tugged me back.

We all seemed fine however. I yelled at her asking why she didn't listen to me and what she was thinking. I then yelled at her three times saying, "What is your problem?" She just mumbled something and we all got out of the van. Some stranger said that she was probably drunk from the combination of the wings and the beverage she had, and said that that combination makes one drunk easier than just drinking by itself.

The strange thing about the accident was that now the van had two front ends. One end was smashed into the wall and rather flat now, but the back of the van now had front seats and a steering wheel. I was a bit confused because I saw the two front ends and now back end. I was still mad at Amy and was trying to figure out how we were going to get home and if we need to call someone and what death awaited Amy when her parents found out what she did. The dream then changed into another dream somehow.

In the second dream, I was in some cross between medieval and colonial times. I appeared to be of some kind of royalty or was a chosen one for something. A wizard gave me some kind of gift that was only for me and I wasn't to let it out of my hands because I was a chosen one. This he explained to me one in three gifts. The second gift, I had to travel a long ways to get. He appointed a couple water people to take me to this next place. We snuck out in the night and dove under water and headed to our destination. The entire trip was under water and at first the two water people forgot that I was a land person and one reminded the other that they had to give me air because I can't breathe under water like they good. So we swam under water for a really long time. Occasionally some trouble came upon us and I had to swim away to safety or hide from the danger. On two occasions, these glowing solders came in our direction under water and four angels appeared and brought me to the floor of the sea I was in. The shrouded me, and these solders went on by. The angels explained that these were demons sent specifically to kill me.

I then continued my journey under water. At one point I realized that this place was a blow up of my front yard under water. So it was as if our home was under water, and I was really tiny, and I was swimming through the grass blades. Eventually, I reached a waypoint and these two "bright solders" took me onward and on shore. They told me as we traveled our way that they had been "promoted" to bright solders because they did something wrong. I seemed to know that solders were ranked by how dark they were. Bright solders being the lowest ranking, and Darkest solders being the highest ranking. That was kind of cool. This second time the angels came again and shrouded me from these glowing enemy solders.

We finally started to go through this like snow tunnel as if we were under like 40 feet of snow and were digging our way through. I reached a golden brick wall and the two bright solders thought we had to turn and go another way. I told them to wait as I dug away the snow and found we were in some kind of brick box made of a few different precious metals. I knocked at the box and it fell into plates of precious sheet metal that had a pattern like bricks. We found ourselves in a dimly lit wood-finished room and immediately recognized it as being our destination. We climbed out of this hole in the floor where the plates were laying and we went into the living room. There were a few things laid out for me by the hearth of the fireplace. But they seemed like ordinary gifts.

I then walked back into the bedroom area and into a small bedroom where I found the wizard laying there on the bed. I went to him and he woke up and told me that he had something for me. I asked him why he didn't come along with me since he was here anyway, and I told him I knew he had something for me. He answered my question to make it sound like it was a matter outside of my hands. We walked back out to the living room and a box on the hearth was there that I didn't see before. There was an ancient necklace and two goblets there that were clearly only for me to have.

I took the items along with several other gifts he'd laid out for me, and I prepared for the next journey for the last of the three gifts. I then woke up.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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