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Frozen Heads [3/01/2004]

Okay, this dream was so disturbing. I don't think any other dream I've ever had comes close to this one. Or else I just tend to block out all my disturbing dreams and think the latest one is really disturbing. Either way, I think this one gets near the top of the "disturbing" scale.

Well, it all started when I was on a bed in this baseball trophy room of sorts. I believe it was my gym coach from high school who was throwing around orders to a few of us in the room. Then he left and I looked around at the stuff on the walls and shelves a little until he returned and gave me some box to sort through.

He said something about how I just need to separate things out and burn the people in the box. So he left and I went through this box and took out these frozen cubes that had a head and arm in each of them. Each one was sealed with some plastic covering to keep anything from leaking out. I believe there was some thought that these people were all from some plane crash or something like that.

I took out a couple and put them in some other box to be burnt. I also took out some sort of baseball trophy that had a miniature person in it and asked the coach if we should put this one up on the shelves because it was a special edition. So he agreed and we put it up on one of the shelves, and I resumed going through this box.

On occasion, I took out one of these bodies and the head was still moving. This happened a couple times, and each time I was thinking to myself that these bodies are beyond being helped, even if they are still somewhat alive. So I put them with the others to be burnt.

After I was done, I left and got in my truck and drove from this small house that I was just in across a rock quarry that was right next to the house. I went up a side trail and up toward the exit, but these big boulders were in the way, so I couldn't get out. I tried once to push the boulders out of the way, or take a different route around the boulders, but it didn't work. So I sat there and yelled at the people running the machines on the other side to have them move the boulders so I could get out.

Eventually they did and I left and the next thing I knew I was in a room that I called my own. It was dark and I was watching TV, but had to get somewhere, however after waking up I forgot where it was that I had to go. But someone else was nagging me about it in my dream, and I said I would go just after I finish watching Charlie Brown.

Then I turned back to the TV and there were like three piano notes playing as music to the show, and Charlie Brown was riding a bicycle at night past what looked like some haunted house. I then woke up.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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