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Dance Dunes [11/22/2003]

Two dreams, so I'll write the second one down first since I already made notes of the first one.

Well, I was like watching a movie with mostly friends I know from Potsdam. Allison and Kim and others, even Shaun was there. Well, we were basically siting in the middle of this huge warehouse of sorts, and this movie wasn't your average movie that just played on a TV, although it started out that way with a really nice like 42" flat screen. We had like the setup or something.

Anyway, the lights went out and the movie started and it was like everyone was on a roller coaster ride and we were rolling down this track and things would open up before us and seem to just miss us. For example, this tree was in the tracks and it rapidly grew and split into two roots around the track as we went between the roots of the tree. And we got to a point and for some reason the scene restarted completely, but this time my brother, Tom, was there as if he'd just arrived, and wanted to take some video/pictures of us all hanging out.

So the same thing repeats itself like we restarted this incredibly 3-D movie, and this time we went a little further through the movie up until the point like the movie became real and I seemed like I was part of the movie.

I found myself in this very brightly colored lego-like place and there were all these interconnected rooms and I went in one and found a strange puzzle in the middle of the room. I had to put these twisted shapes into slots in these foam boxes that sat around, so I started working on it, and other friends of mine joined in and worked at it. Then one of my friends went and grabbed a bunch of these shapes and just shoved them into the foam rather than putting them in their proper places. We argued with him about it and then tried to sort out the shapes to figure out what boxes they really went in. I started putting one of a few longer pieces into their places, but none seemed to fit. Then I realized one had like metal twists on the ends, almost like a dentist pick, and I realized it went there with the ends going int little spots on the sides of the slot. As I was putting it in, something spoke to me explaining what it was. It talked something about it being a human locator and that if I couldn't find any humans in an area I could use this and it would locate them for me somehow.

Then I was done with the puzzle and found myself alone in one of these colorful rooms with a stream carved through the middle and a dark entrance going up stream and an entrance on the other side of the stream to a lit room. So I went in there and found Jamie (boy) in there trying to figure out the place. So I wandered around in there a little and found that these little buttons on some kind of stage made music move, like every time I steped on one, the next sequence of this techno song played. So I walked on them a little faster until I found the beat that the musis went to and started dancing around this stage incredibly well and keeping the music in time all throughout my performance.

Eventually I danced along side this contraption on the stage and pressed one of the buttons on it. This changed the music and so I started dancing to the other song. So told Jamie my discovery as I continued to dance, and he seemed quite impressed by my skill. So I eventually danced back over to this contraption and pulled a lever on the top and then the I found I was on this small track, and so was my brother, Matt. We both had these small 1-foot long cars and we were racing them along up a hill and he won as he got to the top, but then we turned around and found outselves on a huge ram and Jamie waited at the bottom and it was obvious that we were really going to raced these vehicles down this giant (like 20 foot tall) ramp. So we let our cars go and mine flew down the ramp much faster than Matt's because it must have been heavier. And they flew off the end. And then I woke up.

Now, my other dream was a bit shorter. I was at some kind of camp and was traveling back to a lodge we were staying in and went through this path of sand piles and over a small man bridge and down onto a road, so I went down the road and to my lodge.

Here I sat down and watched some television until late at night and I got up and felt the urge to go on a walk, so I walked out my door and down the driveway and found these letters saying "Loser doodles" repeated over in a line. They looked like they stood up on end, but they were really burnt into the road. So I looked around to investigate who could have done it.

I saw a couple kids who looked like they were on dirt bikes and so I went over in their direction. As I got closer they were actually riding regular petal bikes made to look like dirt bikes. So I just kept walking and they followed me. I saw an older gentleman walking down the road as well, and I passed him. Then I got to this turn and a couple vehicles cruised around it. So I got up to where I could see to cross and ran across the road.

I found myself back at the start of these piles of dirt and was going to go the regular way, but then felt like taking the foot paths over the dunes. So did the other kids who were following me. So I went to jump over the first dune and I floated into the air and found myself way over the dunes. I floated all the way to the other end and I watched these kids running through these dunes. I landed softly at the other end of the dunes. The night became day as I was doing this.

The kids were all amazed that I could do that, and I said it was all in the shoes I was wearing. And they were like, "If I had shoes like that, I could do that too." And then it was all like the Nike slogan, and I walked into an office building and the dream ended as I woke up.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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