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Ninjas and Robots [12/07/2003]

Had two dreams this morning and both were very similar, but the overall message of it was portrayed in a couple different ways.

The first dream I was considered some kind of powerful ninja. I guess a lot of people found it intriguing to just attack me as a way of testing their own strength because, if they could beat me, then they'd be very powerful. However it didn't seem like they were getting anywhere.

I was heading up to some floor in an office building that seemed a lot like a hospital, but where I ended up seemed more like a lounge floor or something because it had halls like you'd see in a hospital, but the middle was opened up to a decent sized lounge area. The halls were dark, but lights were on in the lounge.

I fought off like four or five ninjas before I headed up to this floor. And I came out of an elevator toward the back and came forward and to my left where I found myself in the lounge. I was dragging some girl along with me as if I were saving her from something. Then two ninjas came in behind us and I made a comment something to the effect of, "Why do my old apprentices keep following me?" I think these two (almost twins) had once trained under me and thought they could gang up and defeat me.

So I pushed the girl on ahead and turned to face them. It so seemed like a matrix thing because I was wearing white robes and acted like this was getting to be more annoying than it was challenging. The two dressed in black robes stretched their arms toward the ground and the guy toward my left revealed a blue staff that came out of his right sleeve and the other guy revealed his staff from his left sleeve. But this wasn't the end of that. They did it again and a second piece of their staff came out and attached to the other piece of each of their staves until a total of four pieces connected together and they grabbed the staves up with both hands to face me. I held a staff of my own and I took a stance to attack them.

And so the battle began and was quickly over but I don't know how I managed to defeat them since I was amazed by their skills in concealing weapons and had a small thought of, "Maybe they learned some tricks that could defeat me." But that was all over when I left the lounge with the girl and no one seemed to attack me on the way out.

The two of us went to another elevator toward the front of the building, but I sensed trouble. Then three other ninjas and some kind of orange box-like creature came out of the elevator to attack us. I only knew that getting hits on their head and their sides would weaken them. So this girl and I faced them, but our attacks seemed to be ineffective. Eventually I just woke up to the alarm clock.

After snoozing the alarm clock and making note of what happened in the last dream, I fell back to sleep and dreamed again, but this time I was in like a bedroom of a house and things were attacking us there. It seemed like the room was decorated in fashion that made you feel like it was a teenage's room.

Something wasn't right though. At first these cartoon corn chips were attacking us. They seemed to phase between being real chips and just cartoons, and they had little jagged corn chip mouths. All this time they were trying to bite us. They mostly just bit our hair and we'd grab them and smash them until they turned into just a bunch of bits of chips. We defeated the first wave of them and then suddenly the chewed a hole through the ceiling and attacked us through there.

They came in one after the other and right into the palm of my hand where I just slammed them into the table until they fell into pieces. We beat those and felt we had to get out of this place. Se we climbed up some shelves to this hole where the chips chewed their way in from outside. But then this little chip donut-like thing came through the hole and started releasing little robots to attack us. And we tried to stop it from releasing it, but werenÂ’t fast enough to keep them from coming out of this donut-shaped chip thing.

We grabbed some of the robots and twisted them until they fell into pieces. Then we went for more after we had destroyed the others. My alarm clock rang and I made a note of "robots" and "ninjas" and found it really easy to remember the two dreams.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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