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Baseball Trip [6/13/2003]

The dream started out that I had pulled into a parking lot with a 6 passenger vehicle and a few other friends also pulled in. It was nighttime, and my dad was there giving me some tips on some sort of driving thing we were planning. We walked toward a building and met up with our friends. Kristin was in the group, and the others seemed to already have chosen rides with other people, so it was mostly just me and Kristin who were going to ride together.

However, we didn't end up riding after all. We took a walk down a driveway which led down a hill between a couple buildings. At the bottom was an entrance to this huge complex toward the left and stretching out toward the right as you went further down the drive. I joined arms with Kristin as we walked down the drive. It seemed that we didn't join arms right, so we repositioned or arms at one point to a more comfortable position. We walked into the complex and Kristin needed to get a pass of sorts from the reception desk to get in somewhere. We walked in and she filled out some papers and we were on our way into the building. I had already had a pass to get in from sometime before.

At this point, we walked into the basement of the building and met up with SMac whole led us up to his apartment on the first floor. We hung around there for a little bit, and for some reason, I had taken off my belt. We then went up to another apartment on the second floor. There we watched a movie and then went back down to SMac's apartment.

We found most of his family was waiting at his apartment when we returned. They offered that we come along and go to a final baseball game with them, so we decided to go. We headed out to the arena, which seemed to be in this huge complex we were in. I notice my shorts were a little annoyingly loose, and realized I needed to get my belt back from the apartment, so me and SMac stayed back and everyone else went off to the arena.

I don't think I actually got my belt, but we went up a floor or two in the elevator to this sorta run down floor. Sections of the floor were missing, and I was following a distant friend of mine, Mike. He was head of me, and we were jumping between the boards and looking at the shoddy walls of the rooms we passed through. Holes in the wall led from room to room. Mike slipped and hurt himself once while we made our way through but he got up and kept going. After going through a few rooms we went through a doorway or something that led right into the arena.

The arena was just enormous. It seemed so huge that the far end was almost dark from being so distant. I spotted friends down to my right, and headed down there. We were on some sort of platform because the section of seats we were in was only a few rows deep and had a large open space on all sides. The seats themselves were more like big couches than arena chairs. I looked up at the score board and read "S vs. M" and I knew "M" stood for Mets, but I am unsure of what the "S" stood for. The couch that Kristin was sitting in had a number of other girls in it and they scooted over and I moved some food containers and sat next to Kristin.

The crowd cheered for a big play or something, and shortly John showed up and handed me my belt which I then put on. Then I realized that we were sitting right outside the window to SMac's apartment, and I asked why we didn't just go thought the window or something.

Shortly after while I was paying more attention to the game and my friends there, some black young lady came up and stuck some kind of small lipstick tube up my nose. I promptly removed it and looked her way as she asked, "Why don't you streak this up and down your truck," in a mean voice. She walked out in front of us to the end of the balcony, and I went up and asked what her problem was because I didn't think I'd done anything wrong. Then a number of the girls sitting with me came up and repeated what I had said in meaner voices.

I didn't get a chance to know what she was getting at when I woke up randomly. Yet another weird dream for my list.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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