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Bear Thug [9/29/2004]

Had this weird dream this morning that woke me up at some late hour. Probably around 5am. I was at home in our basement which seemed to be entirely at ground level, like it wasn't cut into the side of the hill like our house is.

My parents where standing around in the front room of the basement with me and we looked out the window and there was this work truck backing up partly across our front lawn and towards the garage. We seemed to believe that we had requested their services and were expecting them to be arriving. But they were getting closer and closer to the garage without slowing down.

My mom said something like, "Oh no, he's not going to--," and stopped when it was inevitable. The truck crashed straight through the garage door and partly through the dividing wall between the front room and the garage. There were not bookshelves on the wall for some reason, so we saw the whole wall just fall apart as the truck went further and further back into the house until it lost all momentum at the back of the garage.

I got really ticked off and picked up a log that was laying on a stack in the room and proceeded to rush towards the driver and attack them. It ended up that my dad stopped me from doing so, and so I held back. The driver was dressed in a bear suit for some reason, and the suit was very realistic so I almost thought it was a bear driving the truck.

The driver pulled the truck back out of the garage and I went to rush out and confront him, but no sooner the driver pulled back into the garage for a second run and I completely lost my cool and threw the log through the windshield (which seemed to be broken already) and it hit this bear suited person smack in the face knocking them out. At the same moment, I saw through the holes in the bear mask enough to identify the person in the suit to be Emily. Then I felt really bad and woke up suddenly.

Still trying to figure out what this means...

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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