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Hunt Race [6/11/2003]

From the beginning of my recollection of this dream, I was running in some sort of semi-free-for-all race and there were multiple "waves" of runners. I don't remember exactly where this race started, but I remember it being mostly indoors up to a certain point. I was almost at the head of my wave with only two people that were barely ahead of me.

We ran down a bend to our left and a large group of runners were waiting there, and it looked like they were on the way out somewhere. This I presumed to be the wave before us. They were sort of standing along side of a railing that arched around the bend and was to our right side as we ran down toward our left. Just past the bed was some sort of waypoint with a time on it, and the race continued on in the direction we came from. This time indicated how long we had to wait there before we could run again. Eventually as we waiting, the rest of our wave showed up, and we all bunched together at the end of this line facing back toward the bend in the trail.

I was a bit upset that despite my being near the lead, I was stuck toward the back of this group of about 30 guys. Strangely enough, all the guys were friends I've know throughout my life from high school to college. I didn't recognize anyone in the wave ahead of us. At this point, that wave had gone on toward whatever awaited us next. Suddenly, the group got into starting stances and took off, but then a guy to our right (to our left as we ran in) turned on a water hose and strayed toward us and got one of the runners soaking. We fended ourselves from the water as we stepped back to the line. I guess it wasn't quite time for us to start running. The one guy who got soaked ended up in charge of marking the start of the run, so he walked over to this little control panel behind the railing and got ready to start the run. He happened to be one of my last roommates in college, Matt, and is known to be a good runner. I was pleased that he was stuck with the task and had to do that before rejoining the race himself.

The race finally started, and I took off ahead of everyone else with a couple people, including Matt, just behind me. Matt was talking to me saying something to the effect of how he'll get ahead of me. We ran through this room that looked like a college cafeteria serving area with two or three railings all in a row and built on different heights of the room but all the spaces between had a slight incline were we could run up between them and down off the other side and out of the room at the other end. I took the middle one, but it looked like the bottom one was slightly shorter, so Matt ended up just behind me. He was almost in a passing position, so I changed my running stance and bolted ahead of him.

As I bolted ahead, the rooms and hallways we were running through started to blur by me as I stayed at this extremely high speed. I didn't notice any of my wave passing me at all. I started to take turns rather widely because I was going too fast to take any sharp turns. I took one turn just too wide and missed a ramp downward, so I ended up having to climb over a railing to get back on the trail. A Spanish looking guy ran past as I climbed over. I didn't recognize him, so I assumed I must be getting behind some of my wave. However, now that I think of it, I must have been getting ahead of the tail of the wave before us. I ran down the ramp and out an exit door only to find no trail and a few guys I knew were acting like thugs grabbing the runners as they came out and telling them something like, "Even this trail can end in an unexpected manner. Find the right trail."

The guy who told me had grabbed me and turned me back toward the building as he gave me the message. I looked to my left and saw other runners coming out a different entrance and some people grabbing them. So I assumed there must have been a few trails that went to dead-ends. I quickly ran back into the building, but through the front entrance rather than back through the fire exit. I ran to an elevator along with a few other people who were also racing to it. We went up a floor and came out in a very narrow hallway with a joining hallway off to the right of the elevator. We walked down the main hall and took the left into the joining hallway and found an arrow there with instructions to go outside and around the science center onto Valley Spring Road and head back to the tree near the giant leaf.

We ran down the hallway in the direction of the arrow and took some stairs. Somehow we got outside and ran toward this campus road. Sure enough we down the road to the left and past the science center. To the left we saw a tree with a giant leaf sculpture in front of it. However, we didn't notice this the first time through. We ran past it and went in some entrance. We hunted around for the next arrow but found none. Finally we ended up retracing out steps back to that arrow with the message. Others also retraced their steps there. We read the message this time and found the leaf sculpture and went into the entrance near it. We looked around for the next arrow, but still we didn't find one. We went outside of these black doors with tinted glass.

At this point, I was grouped with my friends, Amber and Kim. They gave up on the hunt, but I wanted to keep going. Some sort of fair or concert was going on at the time and they went to see that. I decided to take a quick break and grab some food at a store on campus. Almost magically I was in the store with a bunch of food in my hand. The checkout was rather like a grocery store, but they sold deli food and such. I went to the checkout and found one line was really long, but the next line over has two people in it. One person was just leaving and the other was just being checked out. I went to that line and put my items on the conveyor belt. This included two large subs and two pieces of garlic break. For some reason, the garlic bread wasn't wrapped. I felt a little uneasy about that.

Well, the lady checked me out and the price came to $9.10 -- My brother's birthday. I opened my wallet and grabbed out some bills, but I had a bunch of twenties and a fifty. She reached at my wallet and pulled out a ten that I somehow missed, so I let her take that to pay for the items. Strangely enough, the bills I had exactly represented what I had in my wallet two weeks ago before putting some of it in the bank. The checkout lady put the bill in a sort of bill feeder and it threw ten cents out of the return and onto the floor. So I picked that up. Somehow I didn't notice that it wasn't enough change. So she handed me all the food which also included drinks and a hamburger and fries at this point.

I somehow managed to carry it all and walked out of the store and directly into this dark corridor outside of the entrance. There were chefs running around preparing food. I somehow sensed that someone was chasing me down, so I ran down these dark halls and sure enough I saw a bunch of goblin like creatures headed up by a dark sorcerer who had a black cloak and hood over him. He was ordering the goblins to get me. I ran around and found a side passage that led to a small door to a ledge outdoors. I saw a shadow of a scythe blade on the grown and I was worried it would come down on me. I slowly crept out to see who was holding the scythe. This short gnome, that was formerly on their side, waved me out. I went out and to the left. A goblin raced after me, but the little gnome killed him before he could reach me. I saw some other strange bodiless creature coming from the far end toward were I was heading. He also wielded a scythe. I got behind the gnome and he killed that creature also.

At this point, I knew they were chasing me down for a large, red, uncut crystal that I had in my pocket. It looked a lot like the soul stone of Diablo from the game, Diablo II. I handed it off to this newfound gnome friend who then took care of defending it. I went to the other corner of the building on this ledge of grass we stood on. I looked down toward a monitor that was flashing random things like molecules and locations. I assumed this monitor was a representation of the enemies hunting down the crystal. I guess they lost track as I handed it off. I felt worried for my gnome friend, but at this point I awoke from the dream for some unknown reason.

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