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Two School Dreams [5/23/2003]

Well, last night I had two dreams. Very boring dreams for the most part. But they had their weirdness. You'll have to excuse the lack of some details in them because I remember both, but the second one was less detailed than the first, and the first was less remembered than the second.

The first dream I can't remember the beginning too well. I remember hanging around with some friends on a very very steep hill. I think there was bare sky off to one side of the hill. I never saw the other side. Well, I was waiting around for a ride or something from my friend Mike who was down the hill a little ways, off on a ledge. There was a cliff between us and I was up on top of the cliff. There were a few others down with Mike and there was like a dark green SUV down there too. And there was an access road that went out from there and went all the way down the hill.

Mike finished talking and walked up and we walked over to a tall house. Felt like some witch's house because it was so tall and had that English cramped feel. The walls had white wallpaper with little red roses on it. We walked in and took a small flight of stairs up to the apartment. It felt like a couple girls were moving out of the place at the time. I walked into the bedroom and there were little things all over the dressers and desks and stuff. One girl was packing up and leaving, but looked like it was a long time before she was ready to go.

Mike finished whatever business he was doing there and we left through a different door into a cramped stairwell. There was another apartment on the same landing as us (we were on the top floor). And there was a pipe going across the stairs. On it sat a little monkey of about 8 inches in hieght. Mike hung some sort of fuzzy rope over the bar, and the monkey proceeded to push the rope to the end of the pipe with two hands on the rope and using his other hands to slide along the bar. We left and I met up with a girl (I think it was Allison). She and I walked down the hill to another building.

I took a good look around at the scene during the walk. It looked like an endless wasteland of sharp volcanic rock. The rocks were mostly copper-red and had black bases. We followed wide paths of the copper-red sand that led around to the few buildings. I didn't really see anything outside of the few buildings that were near each other.

We reached the red-brick building and the girl swipped her card in the door to let us in. Inside the place felt like some kind of rich hotel or mansion (I though like a vampire's mansion or something). The walls were partly wood, and partly red velvet. The carpet was a red oriental type. In the middle of the building there was a lookout to the basement and stairs to one side of the square. We went up to one of the floors where we were heading. I guess we were looking for something in a friend's room and we quietly snuck in. There was a big maroon-red dog in the room that greated us kindly. He stood like 4 feet on all fours. We climbed up on the wooden dresser to our left for some reason and kept amusing the dog. Then the lights turned on and there, in a queen-sized covered bed, Amber and Kim were resting. We said hello to them. It seemed odd that they were sleeping during the day. I woke up at this point and rehearsed as much as I could of the dream. I looked at the time and had only been sleeping for about 5 hours.

I fell back to sleep slowly. Had another dream I don't remember, and woke up again. Then fell asleep again. This time I dreamt that it was like the last couple days of college, but the campus wasn't laid out the same. My parents and brother and sister-in-law were coming up to spend the day with me later on. I was sitting with Kristin and Allison on a bench outside. They were thinking of going and watching some TV, and I wanted to take a walk and talk with Kristin. It left me upset inside that they wanted to do something else. I looked up and there was a TV hanging somehow in this semi-room/semi-outdoors thing. It was like we were outside and inside at the same time.

The Jetson's or something was on and Kristin wanted to finish watching that before they left to go see something else elsewhere. I decided I'd come along, but first I had to go move my truck. So I hopped over the bench and walked down the hill behind us. I immediately met up with John and he said the truck was cold and handed me the keys. I thought he must have forgot the heat or something. So I walked down the hill on a nice spring/summer day. Then it got really dark and cold. I got to the truck and it was nighttime. And it was snowy out. I opened the truck and saw like ice that looked like it was around a child seat that was removed from the truck. I grabbed the huge piece of ice and threw it out. Turned the truck on and pulled forward out of the space I was parked in.

I looked down the hill to my left for a space. Another car (looked like Brian Cole's car) was driving around and looked like he wasn't taking the spot I wanted. So I backed down the hill over snow and grass into the space and slide a ways out of the spot and into the drive where the other car was. I finally stopped and he pulled into the spot I wanted. I guess he did want it. So I pulled around to another space. At this point the sun was coming up. I parked in a spot right next to the entrance to the dorm building I was at and the truck sat rather sideways. I got out and it felt like spring and it was sunny.

Right outside were my parents and brother and all. We were planning a bonfire and I was looking in the truck for something to light it with. I found a big long stick-like thing that was like one of those stove-lighters. My brother, Tom was holding some gas and something like napalm to start the fire and I showed him my lighter stick. We decided we were all set and took a walk out over some grassy hills toward a mountain where we planned to have our fire.

There was a big event going on to our right as we treked our way out. Joe Kirk and some other people were throwing what looked like a frog. Joe seemed to be doing a lot better at throwing it than everyone else. They were asking him how he did it, and he would demonstrate. The frog landed in front of me and I saw it was quite dead. I don't remember if I threw it or if someone else came and picked it up, but it kept in circulation. I was a bit grossed out by that. We continued our trek over the grassy hills. I then woke up and rehearsed the dream.

I though I had forgotten the first dream, but something queued me in this evening. Don't think this record is lacking because I wrote it down so late. I rehearsed both dreams several times and kept them in mind all day. Having dreams every night for over a week and remembering every one seems to have helped me with the whole remembering thing. You have to admit, remembering two dreams in one night is pretty hard to do, and I somehow did it.

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