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The Sword, Bat and Baseball [4/20/2005]

Another strange dream... This one was a bit of a chase dream where I was doing the chasing. I started out in a strange apartment with a small room to the back left, and a larger room opening up to the back right (I was facing towards the back of the apartment), and there was a room that included the kitchen and entrance that went to the front right (remember, I was facing to the rear), and another room to the front left. I would assume that the rooms were the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen/entrance, and office in that order, and I was standing in the living area. What looked like a solar light was above me in the room and I seemed to be looking for some things.

These things were a sword, a bat, and a baseball. I knew that the sword was up inside this solar light. If you know a solar light, they're just a reflective tube with covers on it. So I climbed up into this tube and there were ridges that I could use to climb all the way up. So I did that, and found myself inside a huge warehouse that lay on the top floor of a large office building. [After recalling the dream, I seem to be thinking of another part of this dream... I don't know if it actually is the dream, or if I'm just day dreaming this into my dream. But I got to the top of this solar light and found myself in a pale blue apartment with a window ahead to my right, and a somewhat dim living area with a dark colored futon in the corner and a coffee table. I had to chase this guy through a hallway on the very left side of the apartment, and past the living area. And after a lot of chasing around we had arrived in this warehouse like I said before.]

Oddly enough, I ran across the culprit in all of this, who was the actor, Steve Buscemi. (Had to look that up. That guy with those crazy eyes that plays in a lot of Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider movies. Weird guy.) Anyway, he was the one who had taken these three things from whereever. And I had to chase him around and wrestle him to get the sword, bat and baseball back. The warehouse was rather run down. Had a lot of junk just laying around that looked like a pile of papers and insulation and wood scraps and other stuff. And the walls were rusted with a few panels missing here and there that allowed a lot of light into the place.

Anyway, I got these things back and it seemed to take a long time to do so. I got back to what seemed like the same apartment, and there were lots of people leaving. A lot of people from Intervarsity and people I know locally. Jill Newman seemed to be coordinating an event there and they had just finished. And it turned out that 11th Hour had played there. I was a little upset that I had missed out on it. But I guess I had to do this thing with the sword and all instead.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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