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Mad Hat Hymnist [5/17/2004]

This was a very freakish dream. It all started out like underwater. I was part of this team of divers who were making some kind of documentary about a popular hymnist (someone who writes hymns), and we were going on location to meet this man and learn about him. But I guess we had to travel underwater through this ocean paradise in order to get to this island that he was on.

We came up through a tunnel and emerged from the water onto a grassy island with palm trees and a wooded area and some flowers and overall would have been someone's dream vacation spot. We set up camp in a white cabin next to the place where this hymnist lived and worked.

Upon first investigation, we observed, for several days it seemed, that the man was with a group of other guys doing some sort of ritual. We watched this for a long while from outside our cabin.

After a time we went in for a closer investigation and it was a bit covert, if I might add. We snuck in and lay down in this small hut in the woods. After a short period of time, two people came around with a stretcher. We found out that they were carrying a couple dead women when they came and placed them in and beside the hut. Apparently they thought we were dead people as well because they didn't pay us any attention.

We were rather terrified at this point. The bodies were wrinkled as though the blood was drained from them. Yet their skin was still pinkish. Suddenly one of them moved. And we junked, but then found that it was one of our guys who somehow wrapped this skin of one of the dead people around himself to disguise him as the dead woman. Then he started calling out, "Help!" Another team member did the same with the other dead woman. It was so weird and gross!

The view panned over to this woman that was apart of the ritual and she called for us to come to her. It was obvious she was returning to the call for help. We came out of the hut and out of the woods and went to this place where they were doing the ritual which was outside another hut. The hymnist was leading the ritual while others followed his orders and whatnot. Then they went and tied up one of the two disguised guys and attempted to kill him like they did the two women before. Our whole team went into action at that point and stopped the ritual. I somehow grabbed hold of a pitchfork and went into this tent area that was connected to a very rich, polished wood building. We demanded that they stop the rituals and that we'd turn them in.

They came closer to me and I knocked down the tent area and moved into a connected bar area. They seemed to cool down a bit and were being civil at this point, but I held onto the pitchfork. They sat down at the bar and had some drinks and I believe at this point I had a taste of this ginger coffee cake that was at the bar. It was quite good.

But then conversation heated up and I threatened them that if they didn't cooperate that I'd stick them through. They laughed and went about their business and at this point I jabbed one guy through from the back all the way through his chest with the pitchfork. He started bleeding, but after I pulled out the pitchfork he stood up and walked off as if nothing happened. I then went over and jabbed another guy behind the bar in a similar fashion and he wasn't fazed by it either.

I then saw the hymnist take off to his house. So I chased after him and went inside cautiously. I found two dogs downstairs and I told them to go get him, but they were too dumb to do anything or something. So I went up the staircase nearby that was a rather big staircase and very wide and all wood. The place was beautiful and mostly made of wood, almost old-fashioned. Another team member of mine came in to help find the hymnist. I went to the top of the stairs and found him in this bedroom which spanned the full length and width of the floor of the building. He was grabbing stuff from his closets as if to escape somehow. My partner came in and got him to move to the stairs. He tried to get past me and I pushed him over the banister and he fell down between the stairs to a landing in the stairs where he hit head first between the stairs and the side of the building. Blood spewed from his head and we assumed from that that he was dead.

I consorted with my partner that we should leave this place and get home. And he said something about our families would like to try the coffee cake, and he handed me some coffee cake and apples. The apples were rather soft and past their prime. I took them though, and we went downstairs. I went first. I got to the bottom of the stairs when I heard screams and I looked up to see my partner getting sliced to pieces by two swords. The hymnist was still alive somehow and he looked a bit like The Mad Hatter with a very, very tall cap on and a stripped suit. He jumped out the window nearby him and I ran to the front of the house and out the door to meet him. I had a sword now and we dueled, and I pretty much whooped him. He seemed to give up trying to defeat me after a while. He then pulled out a giant fork like the size of his sword and started doing cartwheels across a huge field in front of the house and I ran after him until I realized he was almost dead and was trying to flee for his life. Since I was loosing ground when running against him with his insanely fast cartwheels, I let him go into the woods behind the field. Then the dream shortly ended when I woke up to my alarm. I was pretty freaked out by this dream by now.

Using simple events-related interpretation, this dream may be about sexual purity or virginity. Two girls being two I know that aren't. Others dying being others I know that are losing their purity, and my partner dying being another friend losing his. And I managed to fend the guy off after a big of a long dual.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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