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Fleshy Fugitives [11/03/2008]

The first thing I recall was following some kind of conflict between a certain group of dangerous people. These were some kind of menaces to society and would kill us all if they were to roam freely. They seemed to have impressive strength and intellect to strike fear in those who faced them.

These people also appeared to have a form of immortality. We had just captured some of them and fought with others, but now we were in a dark, damp room fashioned with stone that shown with red and green gray and black. The ground appeared to be soft, but a path of stones stretched out into the middle of this large seemingly underground chamber. The path stretched out and then bent to the right. I walked out and around the corner and a little further to a pillar of stone that only rose to the height of a man.

An adviser or leader of sorts followed along with me and appeared to know the situation better. When we reached the pillar, I could see a man was somehow bound to the pillar. He was extremely beaten and bloody. One of his hands was nearly severed from his body and was only connected by a thread of flesh. The beaten man seemed unconscious but alive. On closer inspection of his hand, I could see that the flesh seemed to be growing as if his body was rapidly repairing the bond with his hand. It all seemed very vampire-like with the way he could recover from such grievous wounds. The man with me advised us to leave quickly before this man was fully healed because the man could escape if his strength is restored.

We forewent the stone pathway and ran across the ground and toward a wide flight of stairs that took us up out of this basement.

The scene changes and we now come out of a house and onto a fenced wooden walkway with a natural wood grain. The walkway leads directly to another building and has no real exit to the outside. With me is this other leader and three young adults, I believe it was two girls and a boy all in their late teens. We considered them fugitives and dangerous.

In a moment it was clear that this other leader owned the facilities. We were alerted to agents arriving and the guy told me to hide and also to hide these fugitives by setting them free behind the house. I thought it was insane to let them go because we feared they would also kill us.

These agents arrived over the hills in front of the house on their ATVs and trucks. They searched the place loosely and failed to find the fugitives or myself. Then some arms fire broke out between the facilities and the agents. The agents retreated north, back over the hills and then into the trees and I came out to assist.

To my right, with the house laying south behind me, a robot rolled around from behind the house. I thought it was a threat so I started to aim a shot at it. This other leader stopped me and told me it was friendly. In fact, this was some kind of information gatherer. It had a cool name which I mostly forget, but it was to the effect of "World Walker". This was a robot that didn't look much different from Wall-E or Short Circuit. It was solar powered and it rolled around to a locked storage locker in front of the house with its own name on the side.

As the robot unlocked the locker and opened it, I observed a picture of video tapes in a storage configuration painted on the side of the locker. The leader explained to me how this robot traveled the world and had pictures of its location taken from space. The robot had the ability to communicate with satellites and to redirect their camera lenses to the location where the robot was. I was then showed a series of pictures of a moon-like terrain with scattered photos of the robot and of the ground it was on. From the timing, I could tell that some pictures were scheduled before the robot reached a spot and some afterward. While the photos lined up to create a map of the terrain, there were some photos that included the robot, and even more others that did not.

The robot exchanged video tapes and rolled off to its job with a sound like an electric brush motor. I was somewhat impressed with the robot, and at this point the agents were gone.

These people have a form of immortality - I'm not sure what this means. It's possible this relates to the bible study group I'm apart. Our group has been around a while, and to some degree the group did not want to change things much from what it is now.

Beaten and bloody. One of his hands was nearly severed - I don't have any recollection of anything that could relate to this. If these immortal people are indeed our study group, then this may indicate a feeling that the group is worn down and needs to be mended. The man tied to the stone could possibly signify Jesus' suffering for us since we are a christian group.

Leave quickly before this man was fully healed - This could have some spiritual significance in saying that Satan fears this man's (our study group's) restoration.

Two girls and a boy - This may be a reference to Sarah's age in comparison to mine. She was only 2/3rds my age when we met. These young adults were associated with the immortal people and so this may also be another way of saying how Sarah and I are part of this Bible study.

Agents arrived over the hills - I recently watched a TV show, The Legend of the Seeker, loosely based off Terry Goodkind's "The Sword of Truth" book series. It was filmed in New Zealand and the enemy in the first episode came over some hills into a valley that bordered the two lands when they came to invade. Yesterday I had a short dream where I raced through a forest of tall trees with colors of bright greens and grays like a lush forest on an cloudy day. I was being pursued by a group of people who were after this old sage-like man. I reached the man and took him with me. This also sounds like some of the story from this TV show.

ATVs and trucks - Included in the trucks is a small Toyota pickup truck. I was just watching a clip of TopGear where they modify one into a "Toybota" to use as a boat. They chose the Toyota because they showed how indestructable it was.

A robot rolled around from behind the house - This robot may signify my online friend's interest in studying robotics.

A picture of video tapes in a storage configuration - I am not sure what the storage signifies, but this whole dream portion appears to relate to my computer. I've had an interest lately in possibly starting a video blog (vlog) just to experiment.

A moon-like terrain - My online friend also has an interest in astronautics on top of robotics. This may signify a blending of robotics and astronautics as I have talked with him about.

A sound like an electric brush motor - This is most definitely a hint at the fact that my computer's video card has an electric brush motor that is wearing out. It sounds like someone is sweeping in one continuous motion.

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