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Wolfpack [7/7/2003]

My dream started out that a group of people, including myself, were playing some kind of live-action role-playing game, and we all were in like three groups sitting at three picnic tables in a clearing in the woods. People would come over to the table in parties or whatever, and, in a one-on-one fashion, we'd all take turns "battling" by comparing our given stats. The winner usually had the most hit points and such. Well, our table got up and attacked one of the other two tables and defeated it, and then we returned to our table. The third table came to attack ours and we won by a hair. We first assumed that we won, so the game was over. Then we did a real vote of who won and found that everyone in our team didnít do anything except for this one girl who had a lot of hit points and beat the other group single-handedly. We re-announced our victory and the one girl mentioned that we wouldn't have won if it wasn't that this one guy decided to journey through the woods because he had 317 hit points which was way more than us.

Well, after our short celebration, the scene changed, and I think I may have been playing the role of this guy with the load of hit points, but I'm not sure. At this point I dreamed I was battling a bunch of wolves, and was almost dead when a ranger of sorts came and took me to his house. He seemed like an Eskimo because He wore animal skins and was a pretty big guy. It was snowy outside. I rested in this dugout hole in the corner of his house and he went out somewhere else. The dugout was such that I could lay down in it and be hidden, but if I sat up, I could be seen. I rested in the fashion of how a computer game would rest because I knew a percentage of my health that I had, and rested a few times before it got to 100%. At that point I was fully rested and ready to do something. I got up and looked around and out the small window.

In a little bit these two muskrat-creatures suddenly showed up in the house. I snuck back into the dugout, and tried not to move when they looked toward me because they seemed to be looking for someone. I didn't quite get my head and shoulders all the way in before the noticed me and came over with a brush and a bucket of soapy water. They asked if I would wash them up. So I did in hopes that they wouldn't bother me anymore. They had a bit of gunk and dirt on their coats of fur. Well I washed one of them up and then somehow it seemed like I was done and they had left.

Suddenly these squealing sounds came and these rather adorable-looking, human-like, white wolves started coming out of the rafters of the house. Tons of these furry little wolf-creatures were all over the house and they walked on their back legs which were built more like humans than that of wolves, but they had paws instead of human feet. The owner of the house returned somehow and together we fought these creatures. One by one we took them out. At one point we covered a ball with whipped cream and threw it out the door. Surprisingly enough, a wolf followed it out and was gone. So then I did the same but with tooth paste and it wasn't so effective, so we continued with the whipped cream until most of them were gone. Then I got a phone call from my brother who told me basically that one of the wolves was out of the game and I pointed to one of the wolves and told it that it was out, and it left. I then fought the wolves some more, and got another call.

This call was from my friend Mysage's friend Swanie. I don't know how this happened because I never met nor heard Swanie before in my life. So my mind gave her this deeper sounding voice, and she told me that Mysage said that I was out of the game and needed to talk to her, and so I told her okay and we said goodbye and I for some reason thought that it meant that another wolf was out of the game, so I laughed and told one of the wolves that it was out. It looked confused and left. Then I realized it was me who was out of the game. I then woke up from the dream thinking my alarm went off twice, but it really only went off once.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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