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A Kidnapper and My Stolen Things [7/14/2005]

I had this most frightening dream (For some reason, after 16 years I'm getting scary dreams again) that started out like this...

I was in my house and the house had no windows, it was lit by dim lights (maybe candles?) and there was a floor below the basement level of our house, but it only had one room. I went down the stairs and entered into the room to find this older man in his 50's and this young woman (16 - 18 years old), and it seemed that this older man had kidnapped this girl and was hiding out in this room in our house.

Immediately, I confronted him and a fight insued, we fought for a while, punching and kicking at each other, and I ended up giving up and escaped the room. I then went to dinner with the family upstairs and then told my dad about the man "in the nook" downstairs. He seemed to have misunderstood me and thought I meant outside. So he went outside and down a big flight of old steps that were as wide as the house, and I followed. Oddly, the back of the house was entirely coated with black tar.

He then realized I meant inside the house, but at that point, we saw this man running out of the house toward us, so we tried to catch him but he escaped. Then another man, in his teens or early twenties, came running out and we caught him. He laughed and said how it didn't matter if he was caught because he was simply a decoy.

Then we turned around and saw them climbing into a blue and silver Nissan 4-door sedan that was tricked out like your average riceburner. The car had silver/gray down the sides and blue across the top. It looked like there were four people in the car. I ran over to it as they were turning around and noticed the front license plate started with 523-??? and the rear license plate was a fake (it was freakishly huge and had about 12 digits on it). I thought it strange, after waking up, that the number I picked up was my house number.

They sped off and I chased them a little ways, but they got too far ahead.

I went into the house again and found all my computers and my wallet and everything but my truck keys had been stolen and I totally freaked out because losing the information in my computers alone is devastating to me. I panicked because all my stuff was missing and I knew that the kidnapper must have taken it all.

Then me and my parents were in a car driving after them, and I looked out the side as I saw two driveways right next to each other and two people were pulling out of the driveways at the same time and they ran into each other. There was a man and a woman involved, the man was driving a green/gray SUV and the older woman drove a silver car. I seemed to think they were neighbors.

It seemed odd that they ran into each other trying to go the same way. The man looked over at the woman and yelled at her even though his windows were closed and you couldn't hear him. To woman sheepishly stayed put while the man pulled out onto the road.

Now me and my parents were driving into some unknown town full of shopping centers looking for this kidnapper and my stolen items. We pulled into a parking lot and I started complaining that I couldn't drive now because I didn't have a license since mine was stolen, and I now had to call my credit card companies to tell them that my cards were stolen.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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