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A Wedding and Some Sad News [11/12/2005]

I've got a bunch of dreams I need to put up on here, but today's dream stood out so much that I wanted to put this one in first. Anyway, on with the story.

I started out having some kind of meeting in the middle of some cubicles in a rathe old looking office. I don't recall what the meeting was about, but afterwards we were told to go to some banquet hall in the same building.

So I head over there, and like a ton of C&C people are coming along too. We arrive and it turns out to be somebody's wedding and the bride and groom are both there. We seem to be having an issue about what part of the banquet hall to celebrate in. On one hand, there's the huge expensive fancy one, but on the other hand, there's like a side room with windows but it's the closest thing to plastic chairs as you can get. So I guess we all go in there.

While we're there, Jamie (guy) comes out with a punch bowl and puts it on the very empty folding table. After he puts it on the table, Jamie, a few others and myself start chatting together. All of the sudden Jamie starts doing some weird stuff with the punch bowl. There aren't any cups around, so I guess he did this because of that. He started cupping punch with his hands and drinking it.

Soon after he started doing that, I saw some eggshell halves in the bottom of the bowl, and Jamie takes one out and starts using it for a cup. He plunges the egg shell into the bowl hand and all and scoops out some punch and basically shoves it in his mouth without even stepping away from the bowl. He does this over and over really quickly, and all the time, the punch is just dripping off his face and back into the bowl. On top of that, he's sniffling and hacking as if he was getting punch in his nose, and I was certain he was dripping snot into the bowl.

The other guys in our little group were laughing about it, but I got all offended and upset with the action, so I leave the room and head back down the hallway. At this point I decided to go back to see Allison and Kristin. So I head down the hall, then I accidently take the wrong hallway.

I see Andy G. coming out of a room. I saw his wife in the banquet room earlier. I try to avoid him for some reason by rushing back down the hallway, but he sees me. So I say, "Sorry."

I take the right hallway and see Andy head to the banquet hall. I reach a room at the end of the hallway where Allison and Kristin are coming out with stuff, and there's a bunch of stuff piled up along the side of the rather wide hallway. Allison has some stuff, and asks, "Where do we take these things?" And so I respond, "Over yonder hill," in a rather joking manner. Then Allison bursts out singing, "Over yonder hill...," but I can't remember and other lyrics to the rather short rhyme.

Allison and Kristin seem to have taken everything by themselves except some white clothing boxes like you'd get at J.C.Penny. They seem to be empty, so I take them, and ask Kristin if she needs any of these two boxes. I then open them up since I assume they're empty.

Turns out the second box had a wedding veil in it that she says she'll need. I straighten it out and try to take out some stuff out of the veil that I seem to think doesn't belong in it, but I'm fumbling around with it. Kristin then covers her mouth and looks toward Allison in that "Aw... I think I broke his heart" look. I then assume she's engaged to be married, so I feel myself become very saddened, but I hold back as much as possible, but my lip still quivers a bit because, as usual, I can not seem to hold that back ever.

I then wake up feeling very sad.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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