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Security Robots and Naked Squash [2/22/2008]

I was going to an airport I believe, although the place had more of a hospital feel to it. I went inside and went through customs and got stuck there because I basically had everything I owned with me as I was moving. I get fed up and left the place and went outside to leave.

Here I met a security robot with a machine gun. I tasked me to state my name, so I said my name. It said I didn't have clearance to leave and I must turn around and go back or it would kill me. So I went back to customs and complained to officers there that I was stuck because the robot wouldn't let me leave.

Now the police stanged a huge crowd to confuse the robots so I could leave. They direct me to walk down the middle of this continuous line of people that walked almost two-by-two up the sidewalk and into the building.

I weaved between them as they made an opening for me to walk all the way to the street where it split in two directions and I went to the right and down the street to where I thought I parked my truck. Apparently I was wrong, so I walked all around looking for it while trying to stay away from the grounds for fear of the robots.

I walked down some streets and found myself in an area of building with Roman or old English architecture. I walked down a cathedral hallway in one rather acedemic-looking building and around a corner into a courtyard. To my astonishment, some college-age people were having some kind of naked courtyard party playing volleyball or making or or whatever. Others seemed to be doing art paintings of naked people. So I quickly left there and found myself back in the hallway looking for an exist.

I reached an unusual staircase which didn't have stairs really but was a loose canvas with footholds in spots so one could walk up or slide down. I slid down the spiral all the way down to the street beside the building and landed on a girl at the bottom who was laying there. Some squash and similar vegetables were scattered like they also had been slid down the stairs and hit this girl. I commented to the effect of, "thought I was a squash, didn't ya?" Then I soon left and woke up.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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