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Uncertain Smoke, Animated Brass [7/16/2004]

I dreamt all this in like a 7 or 8 minute period between snoozes this morning. I "woke up" to see flashes on the ceiling of my room and saw they were coming from outside. I looked out and saw firemen and policemen coming, so I thought that maybe there was a fire. I ran into the hallway and looked into my parents room and they were still sleeping and there was smoke in the air in their room. I ran down the hallway and looked at the carbon monoxide sensor and it read like 10[1] (the last number was obscured by the angle, so I ran into my parents room and told my mom she had to get up and that the sensor read 110, and I ran back out and looked again and this time it was 131. And the numbers were green for both of these times (usually it reads a red zero). I was confused and thought maybe it thought it was save at 110 or 131 since it was green. But I went to the front door and it was open and the officers were coming in. I asked if they had opened the door and they said they didnt. I looked around into the front room and there was another door that went out the front and it was also open with officers coming in. I said, "God must have opened the doors."

So the officers came in and I asked one of them if they had come because of the carbon monoxide (CM) sensor, and they didn't say a word but nodded. This was odd because our CM sensor doesn't have any sort of phone or internet features to call the fire company. So these people came into our living room which really wasn't recognizable as part of our house. And this one officer asked me if all these electronic devices had AMPs in them, and I'm like, "why, it's not like they're going to burn the house down or anything." And I fidgetted with this old console that looked like an Atari of some sort and then the TV displayed one of the officers pointing a gun around as if this was some kind of hostile situation.

We kept hunting around for devices that would have let off the smoke, but the smoke was really only in my parents' room. But instead of going there, we went down into the basement to check the driers and such. So we went down these back stairs and there was a little tiny black cat no bigger than a small cup, and it had some sort of packaging stuck on its head. I instantly recognized it as our cat and knew that it had gotten into our halloween candy at some point and I pointed that out to my mom by saying, "He's going to have an obsession with crackers and candy," and she replied by saying, "I know." And I took the packaging off the cat's head, and we continued on through this dark cement basement that seemed to be as big as the basement of our old church. We went from a small utility room where we came down the stairs to and went down a hallway and into this massively huge room that seemed mostly empty. I went to the other side and turned on some lights and we looked around for smoke and such. I walked back towards where we came to meet up with everyone else (family and some of the officers) and discussed this with my dad. I saw my mom go into a vaulted area that led off into some unknown sized catacomb-like basement which this place seemed to be a lot like. I told my dad that there's nothing in the catacombs that has electricity that would have made smoke and we all seemed agreed on that and I said something like, "The vault is haunted by a bunch of monsters," but no one seemed to agree with me. Sorta like it was only us kids who explored every inch of the place and could say we saw them ourselves. I was soon redeemed as my mom came back (in no particular rush or fear) but this eerie ancient carved stone creature came looming through the shelves set up in the basement and towards us. And I said, "here comes another one of them," as if we've seen them before and they never seem to stop coming.

I panicked at this point because I knew that in the past I took a baseball bat or other device and bashed them until they were dead, but I had nothing in my hands and nothing to grab and hit it with. So I went up to it as it came towards me and I grabbed its face, and it tried to overcome me, but I said, "Jesus hates you," and again, "Jesus wants you dead," and instantly it shrivelled up and was a motionless blob that sort of resembled the monster it once was. The creature, when it was still alive, had these strange markings around its eyes, almost like aztec spirals around its eyes and a very long face with a long nose. It was all tarnished brass. Like it shimmered like brass but was all tarnished black. It didn't have arms or legs, but it seemed to have limbs etched into its body like it was an animated brass statue. It seemed to just levitate over the ground as it travelled a crooked, ghost-like path towards us. I think it meant to scare the crap out of us to make us leave the basement so that it could have its dominion back. It didn't make a sound as it came near. We just saw its motion under the light. I somehow recognized it as being one of many others I've seen, and knew that that was why I didn't venture into the vault very often anymore because the vault was like a dark catacomb, and I imagined in my mind the center of this catacomb which was a room with a deep chasm in the middle and three tunnels leading off from both sides and two from either ends with the vault entrance to the bottom left side if you looked down on this thing with three tunnels going left and right and two going up and down. I also imagined three or four of these creatures floating about from one tunnel to another as if they were working hard at some daily tasks.

I have no idea why this dream really came about. I think the fear part of it was because I was thinking while I was trying to sleep last night that I really couldn't see my hand an inch in front of my face down in the guest room (where I'm sleeping this week because Lena's staying in my room) and if something came up I wouldn't hardly know, and if I had an episode like that "Demon" dream I had that I wouldn't even see it as it occured. And I think that sort of plagued my mind and made it so there were these ghostly creatures in the dark basement. The smoke and all that other stuff makes no sense to me right now.

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