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I Don't Like Losing [3/06/2008]

In the first of two dreams this morning, I found myself on one of two teams playing a strange sport. The goal of the game was to hide an item and hunt down the opposing team's item before they found your item. In this case, we both had a small trinket box with a black something inside.

The other team separated up to the front of my parents property, and we made base near the middle of the property, where the woods begin. We decided to dig a hole in the ground and bury the item.

After we finished preparing the hiding place and strategizing our plan of attack, we suspected the other team would be coming first. Sure enough, we spotted them coming our way. The driveway between the two points was somehow fashioned out of hardwood flooring, and it seemed like the house stretched up the entire property like a long hallway. The other team came charging at the entrance to our small fort of a room.

The next thing I remember, we jammed the door shut with some tool so they couldn't open it. Then they smashed through the door, and I believe we pulled out a machine gun and fired through the hole in the doorway. Then the door got pulled apart enough that they made it through and everyone took on someone and started wrestling each other, but it seemed like they had more players than we did.

I was wrestling one rather large guy and saw that our team was about to lose ground if we didn't do something quickly. I put the guy in a choke hold and dragged him all the way up the hallway/driveway and to their base by his neck. Then I tossed him so he wouldn't easily get up again and return with me.

I went back down, but after I got there, the other team had gone down a small cellar and dug up our trinket.

Not happy with defeat, I went up to their base and started hunting around the room for their trinket, but only managed to find an empty box that looks very much like the ones that held the item. At the same time, the guy I choked taunted me about losing and not being able to find their trinket.

A second dream I had, I took a trip to some retreat center as part of a school retreat. It felt a little like I was back in high school again.

Everyone had congrugated in a great room where meals and meetings were had. At this occation, we all had a sheet of paper with questions on them. We were playing some kind of game with these sheets where we had to go around and answer the questions for other people.

It wasn't like we were going around finding people who fit the description of the questions, a well known mixer game. Instead, we had to find people who could answer the questions about ourselves.

There were also things we had to answer for ourselves, like or name, address and social security number. On top of all that, we had a small craft project to make a model of a candy or treat store our of a small box or something.

After we finished, we all had our answers checked for points and such. My brother, Matt, got 35 points, others got even more, and I only got 30 points because I didn't fill in my address and only put in three digits of my social security number. I was also marked down for not filling all the shelves and containers in my model treat store.

I was not happy about losing points and argued also that I didn't see the need to put all the candy in my store because there wasn't enough variety to it all. I left some things empty because other things were filled with candy already.

I got so upset that I decided to leave the retreat early. I left around 3:30pm and was pleased that I'd miss all the rush hour traffic that everyone else would eventually have to deal with.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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