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Escaping Our Pursuers [11/09/2008]

First of all, it felt like I was playing some kind of game that slowly turned real. I first recall being in a low-lit common area with solid stairs and pillars that jutted up to another floor in various spots around the room. The lighting was dim and came from the outer walls of the area and glowed with a dark blue and golden light as though the floor was gold and the ceiling was dark blue. It looked very futuristic like a scene from Stargate. I seemed to have previously been through this room and I was talking to a comrade, a girl I believe, and she spotted a few secret passages in the side of one of these stairways or pillars. In touching it, it opened up. I commended her for noticing the secrets that I had previously missed.

In being much like a game, we had low health and needed to collect some item to help save use from the pursuing bad guys. Inside the secret passage was a maze of tunnels that appeared into the room. Anyone who was in the tunnel was out of phase with those inside the common area. It was like you could walk through the people out in the larger room, yet the tunnels are invisible from the outside. The tunnels themselves had a very Star Trek feel like passages into the inner workings of a spaceship only they were translucent and dimly lit with a blue hue.

In a few of the dead-end tunnels lay neatly placed items of various kinds. While we picked up all the items, we only celebrated finding the medical items. After exhausting our search of this secret maze, we exited the maze through a second passage and found ourselves coming into a very large room with high vaulted ceilings with columns that had grooves like vertical stripes all the way up to the roof. There were golden lights along the walls with doors near each light and a courtyard was set out behind us with stairs up to a second floor that overlooked everything. We seemed to be sneaking away from whatever evil was searching for us. We got near the side wall that outstretched to our left with many lights and doors until it bent the corner and went to the south with more doors and lights.

Suddenly as we looked toward the far wall at our left, elevator doors opened against that wall and two figures that we could tell looked much like the Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story 2, and some female assistant of his. They immediately saw us and we did not know where to go. Ahead of us another elevator opened immediately. It was empty and we quickly bolted for it. We were in such a panic about whether our enemy would catch the door of the elevator that we weren't even thinking to press a button. The elevator doors closed and we started to decend into the building to the very ground floor. Or so we thought.

We decided that we had to pick a floor at random in order to break the enemy's trail. We pressed level ten, but the elevator wouldn't accept the number because it did not light up. We continued to decend as we tried a few more times to get level ten to accept. It soon did, but we still decended. At this point we were in a panic about why the elevator wouldn't listen to our request. We looked up and out and the elevator had a window into a large, well-lit elevator shafted. Despite us decending, the large numbers that we passed outside seemed to be counting up. We soon stopped at level ten.

We rushed out and into a very old and ornate hallway with slopped ceilings and marble walls and a color scheme with a lot of light brown and dark brown colors. We rushed into a room and were now in an old laboratory with all sorts of biological and chemical items scattered and stacked in all places. I followed the girl back into the lab and passed some aquariums filled with plant life.

Somehow the thought came to me that I should insist that she make me a suit. I believe it was called a rectal suit, but our understanding was that it was a special suit that protected against biological agents, which seems to be our enemy's chief weapon. I had a mental picture of it that wasn't unlike Buzz Lightyear's suit. At first she insisted against it. It was some kind of suit that somehow tailored to the wearer's DNA or biological make-up. After a little bit, she agreed to make one, but only if she wore it first.

Her father seemed to be in the room as well working with lab objects. He seemed to be arguing with her against this whole idea. However, before anything could be done, someone outside was thrown asside after some chemical spray was let into the air near the lab entrance. A giant man in a huge suit came walking into the room. It seemed that I was not to be expected and the girl I was with pushed me further into the lab and behind some large desks with high shelves near where we stood.

My understanding was that this intruder would not have anything against my female comrade, but if I was present then that would be a greater problem if he recognized me. I shuffled around the desk as the man walked into the room that was like walking down a hallway at first due to the alignment of desks and shelves. I made sure to keep the shelving between me and him so as not to be seen. But the man, nearly one and a half times our hieght, continued to slowly walk toward my comrade and then around the desk that was between us. I stumbled over some small chairs that were in a row behind the desk. I put my hand over my face and my hair was now messed up and I was wearing a lab coat.

The large man saw me at this point and insisted that my comrade tell him who I was. She then explained that I was a lab researcher who was just taking a nap on the chairs and had just fallen off of them. Somehow, with the mention of a nap, I started to get very sleepy. The man seemed to believe that the explaination was acceptable and left. I immediately fell asleep.

I came to my senses a time later and to my right was a greenhouse of vegetables on tables that were lit with greenhouse lights. Friend of mine were mulling over the food as if to decide what they wanted to eat. I got up and asked a girl among the few of them as to how long I had been asleep and what time it was. She didn't seem to answer. From the looks, it was early evening and I recall it previously being in the morning or early afternoon. My falling asleep seemed to everyone like something normal and expected because I had some special purpose or genes that made me a great ally with this bizarre side-effect. I assumed I had only slept there on the floor for a few hours. And I shortly woke up from the dream after that point.

noticing the secrets that I had previously missed - This may be some notion that I feel I have already gone through many of the trials that Sarah is now or soon will go through. My missing them may suggest that I feel I could help point her in the right direction in the places that I had previously failed or took the hard lesson in understanding.

Evil Emperor Zurg; Buzz Lightyear - We watched Toy Story 2 on Friday.

the elevator wouldn't accept the number - This may relate to the wacky behavior of the elevators at work. I have not had the issue, but someone who got on the elevator indending to go to the basement instead was shuttled up to the 16th floor where I was getting on. I believe he may have gotten on the wrong elevator going up instead of down, but it the elevators have never been very efficient at picking people up in any timely fashion. I myself have gotten on at level 1 and went down to the basement before actually heading back up to my intended floor.

rectal suit - As embarrassing as it may seem, I have been suffering from a case of pruritus ani, an itchy behind, for the last few days. My annoyance with it has let me to keep the area clean and dry and using antibacterial soap to hopefully get rid of any bacteria that could be bothering it. I have no idea why my comrade would be associated with this situation.

He seemed to be arguing with her - This whole argument between the father figure and my female comrade and also the large man in a suit and her all seem to be my own internal struggle to determine if Sarah's father approves of me.

greenhouse of vegetables - This may also relate to my itchy behind and my hope to clear out my system to get rid of the problem.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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