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Sticky Situations [2/05/2004]

Well, yet another two dream thing. First of all, I was in this alley with my brother and we were buying a van from these guys. I had the truck there and Matt was going to drive the van home. I gave them the price they asked for, and we got set to go and they started complaining that it wasn't want they asked for. So We leave anyway, and it seems like one of them is following me. So I cruise through town and they seem to have either changed their mind or lost track of me.

I then got to the other end of town and took a back road that seemed to go through a huge jungle. I think I was following Matt at this point and we kept driving through this rough jungle terrain. I then woke up or switched to another dream.

In the second dream I was trying to get away from these people and they ended up cornering me in what looked like my room, but The room seemed almost free-standing because there were four windows, one in the middle of each wall, and I didn't notice a door. But the room was set forward of our house and overlooked the front yard.

The four people then cornered me and were telling me how my friend AJ was out in the woods with a sniper rifle and waiting to shoot me. I thought they were bluffing, but they looked serious. I glanced out of all the windows and somehow knew that he would have chosen the woods out the westward window because it made for the darkest tree covering. So I stayed out of view of that window while partly avoiding any other windows.

So they were all surrounding me and I knew I had to escape somehow. I held two pistols in my hands and they were trying to get at me to grab them from me. But before they could make their move, I did some kind of flipping backwards-forwards I-have-no-idea-how-I-managed-it sort of move and shot them all while still avoiding the windows. Then I woke up.

I know the first dream is just a weird recap of the waitress' mistake at Denny's last night. She said that one check wasn't accounted for after we were leaving, and so we came back and told her that we just left it with the money on the table. Then she stopped complaining and we left for real this time.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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