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Agents and Group Gatherings [03/29/2008]

The dream I had today was a bit elaborate. I'll likely miss a lot of details just because of its length. I arleady know a lot had already happened in this dream before I recall the first scene, but I can only remember so much.

First, I'm watching the start of a chase scene. I know the allegance of both sides in this chase as they leave the scene. The first pair to leave are a civilian and an "agent". Hearing that word brings immediate association to a group of elite individuals set in place to uphold the law and keep the peace. The second pair rides off on a four-wheeler with a body that resembles a ribbed, hard-shelled insect, and colored black and tan as though it was out of a Mad Max film. These two guys were rebels of sorts looking to take control for themselves.

The two pairs race away and shortly the scene changes to the end of their chase. The agent and civilian somehow hid in very tall grass along the edge of this dirt road. Their hiding didn't do much, but it was now obvious that the two chasing them did not know who they were up against. They ran down into the tall grass, which is a few feet tall, and they reach down to grab the agent. At that instant, a surge of electrical arcs came out of the grass and knocked them back. They went to run as they screamed, "agent!"

The agent came out of the grass with an aura of electricity around him coming from his suit. The two rebels ran toward a bridge, but the agent stretched out his arm and something like a whip and saw blades came out. It grabbed the bridge and folded it up like a Jacob's Ladder with the two rebels trapped on this side and in terror.

The scene partially changed and while the orientation was the same, we were in a strange room held together with lots of beams in an orderly fashion around the sides. A crowd of guys I know were there and we were watching movies on the screen which was once the folded up bridge. Ryan M. was the center of attention as he stood in front of the screen where the rebels once were.

We had just finished the second of two movies and ejected the discs from two different players, one a dvd disk changer and the other a computer. Everyone now was getting up and talking like the typical commotion after a large group of friends finishes watching a movie.

I'm not certain, but I believe I left to go use the bathroom and was now in a house attributed to Ryan G. His bathroom was built into his closet and the toilet was not much more than a large hole in the floor with green watery liquid in it. So I went in to use it and got confused by the number of doors and hinged items that were there. I couldn't find one that would close the closet entirely, and mostly it just covered my face and not my lower body.

Ryan came into his room to use his computer and he covered his face as he walked in. It was like he was used to the occurance and covered his eyes in some automatic fashion. I tried to do my business and then left a little while after Ryan left. I'm not sure if I actually did my business.

Now everyone left to go home and I followed along. There was some random scene of a transexual girl, I believe by birth, and I have no idea why it was there except for the premise of the next situation. We were all now driving home, mostly in separate cars. You could communicate between cars almost naturally and I heard one car saying how someone was stalking this girl in her car. I looked ahead and saw these two cars, the girl's is white and the other a dark green. They were weaving through traffic as the green car tailgated the other. I decided to chase them down and stop this harrassment. I got close to the green car and my friend Dan B. is in the back seat and he greets me. I'm totally thrown off because I didn't expect him, my friend, to reflect that kind of behavior.

Eventually we all reach some destination and now instead of cars on the road, we're walking in a large mall with an escalator and such ahead. I greet a number of people I know.

Something happens and the scene soon changes to a below-deck room on a large airplane. This one guy is very unhappy with the group I'm in, mostly made up of girls. He confines us all to an engine room which looks a bit futuristic like something you'd see in Star Trek or Firefly where the room is very dark and mechanical and not shiny and smooth. The girls seem terrified as small engine boosters appear to be firing up on both sides of the room pointing outward away from the room. But you can still see the flames lighting up as the plane seems to be taking off.

Soon we are in flight to somewhere and the guy, who is apparently one of the pilots, returns in a suit. We are all in suits now and the thrust of the plane is in some unbalanced state that doesn't allow anyone to reach the other end of the room. There are mixed feelings as the guy begins to help people to the other side of the room. They were not sure if he was trying to help or hurt. He had these cords that hooked into the walls and floors and looked a lot like three-pronged microphone jacks. I wasn't sure how they held in place when you put your weight on them, but eventually we chained a couple of these cords together to allow the cord to reach the far end of the room.

Suddenly the scene partially changes again, and the girls are still there along with me and we are now in a room of similar shape in a house. There are two groups and we are studying some history separately. We join back together to discuss things, and the only part I remember is that one group studied history only back to the year 2000 while the other group studied something back to 1697.

I know the two movies represent the two movies I saw recently. One was Stargate: The Ark of Truth and the earlier was Dan in Real Life. I don't think they were the same movies in the dream as they were in real life. The bathroom scene was me admitting my terrible sleep schedule to Ryan. Everything else I'm uncertain.

This dream is currently: Semisolved

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