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Burglar [8/8/2003]

Okay, so I don't normally dream about people trying to kill me or break into my house, but for some reason I did this time. My dream started out, as I recall, in the living room/dining room area of a house that was supposedly my family's. The house was located on a beach front it seemed. The back wall had a bunch of tall windows in a row all the way across with a door to the right side as you faced toward it. The left wall was just a big bookshelf as was the right wall. I dreamt there was a window table under the windows with some plants on it and there was a dining table in the middle of the room running from left to right, but the table was more to the left side of the room. The right side of the room was like a small sit-and-read area. There was a rather plain wall to the front of the house and there was a hallway that lead to the front door. A room lay to the left of the front door (facing toward the door), and a bigger den/living area was to the right. Stairs went up to the second floor from the front entrance and were set to the right of the hallway (facing toward the back of the house). It seemed we were well off.

Now I dreamt that I was in the back room and saw a figure walking from the left toward the back door outside. I noticed that this was Andrew Ramsee (or Andy), one of my real neighbors who is about my younger brother's age but really messed up. He had a semi-automatic machine gun and started pumping rounds through the windows. I ducked below the window sills and behind the window table so I wouldn't be seen if we came in the back door. As I ducked down I could see little cut-out pieces of the window, where the bullets came through, flying about and hitting the floor. The windows however, didn't shatter into pieces like you'd think bullets would do to them (some dang nice windows if you ask me). Andy stepped in the back door and was in a attack stances as he pointed the gun toward the front door and walked slowly through the hallway.

In the dream, I managed to stay undetected behind the table, and I slowly snuck up on him through the hallway. I grabbed the gun from him and knocked him to the floor and he instantly gave up trying to fight his way out. I tied him up somehow and consulted my other family members on what to do. This part of the dream was rather vegue.

Somehow the dream changed over, or maybe this was before the first part, to a scene outside a house that sorta resembled our house, with a similar plot layout, only the land was like expanded. We were outside, and I think I had Andy captured. There were a bunch of cars outside and my whole family was there. We found pills around and blamed them on Andy, then Andy somehow was able to go out to the line of cars on his own. This happened while we argued about what to do with Andy.

At this point in the dream, Andy returned to us with a circular bag of weed that he got from his car. We all knew he got it from his car, but he argued that it found it in one of the other cars. We all disagreed with him and took the weed from him as more evidence of his conviction. We picked two cars out and drove to a police station in some unknown area of some unknown city. I think I had some kind of pane-over view as we drove up to the station. The stairs up to the station were like a really long wheelchair ramp with like three ramps put together. The railings were a dark sky blue (one of my favorite colors), and the station was on top of this hill that overlooked the town/city very well.

I got the idea in my dream that the entire family seemed happy that I had caught Andy in the act and captured him. We didn't even go consult his parents about what happened. Everyone wanted him in jail for the drugs he had and all the trouble he's caused in the past.

I dreamt we all got out of the vehicles and hauled Andy up the ramps and into the station. He was very cooperative. In the dream, this autistic guy was manning the front desk. The room was rather small and the lighting was rather tan like in old western movies or something. The front desk went from the back wall and bended out to the right and left room to walk behind it from the right side. There was a closet on the back wall on the right side, and the offices were through a door on the left side of the back wall. There was a waiting area and a couple tables to the front left of the building and the entrance was to the front right. I dreamt we came in and asked for a conviction filing slip paper thingy and he was going to sign it before we started writing out the conviction on Andy. The problem was that this guy couldn't sign his name right if it was for his brother. So he ended up like scrapping five slips and I tried to help him through it but only get mediocre results. The chief came out and asked what was wrong and we told him, and he told this desk clerk that he could do it. I then woke up from the dream after we ran out of slips at the front desk and the guy had to get more.

I believe this dream is some kind of weird depiction of my job interview and the events of friday following my interview as I had gotten the job and everything. There's been evidence that dreams that depict the defeat or capture of an enemy depict a sense of success in some area of one's life. Thus the reason why I think this dream depicts my interview in some really wacked out manner. The other reason for this messed up representation is because that night I went to a LAN party and played Counter Strike for four hours as me and some friends shot each other in the game for that entire period of time. Alas the reason for the machine gun and the sneaking around and the good-guy/bad-guy thing.

This dream is currently: Solved

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