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Creepy Treats and Quiver Movie [2/27/2008]

This morning I had a couple dreams. First I recall a dream where I was riding with a few friends, one was an old classmate, Ian, who was actually the driver in this case. We were driving along and Ian had this fried jello hand that he was trying to eat. It looked like it was encrusted with breadcrumbs and deep-fried somehow. Inside was bright red jello, and it all seemed quite distrubing if you didn't think it was food. It seemed Ian had trouble eating it and jello kept falling out all over and melting on stuff.

As this was occurring, we were driving through some streets in a rather gray city. We stopped in one spot and beside us was this strange shop-like thing that jutted out next to the car. It's round gray industrial door opened up and inside glowed green. Looking inside were all sorts of other creepy snack treats for sale. I don't recall purchasing anything though, but we had some dicussion in relation to Ian's hand treat.

A moment after that, we were driving and Ian flew through a red light and then took a right turn and almost went through another red light before we stopped him and told him to pay attention because he was driving.

In the second dream, I was back at some college just getting on campus and meeting folks. Some friends I knew were with us, namely Allison, but no one else I really recognized until later. We were discussing degrees. I spoke up studying psychology but had changed my mind to some kind of biological science which related to my computer science degree. I had plans for a double master's degree because the courses overlapped so well. After our discussion, we were invited out to see a movie on campus and so we all went. We found our seats in this rather large space almost too big to be a building because it felt sort like Saratoga Performing Arts Center with fixed seating but open so anyone could join in at the back of the auditorium that perhaps stretched out onto a lawn. It was probably twice the size of the place where the Oscars were held.

The film, Lady in the Quiver, was going to start in a little while, so we had some time to kill. One girl asked if anyone wanted to go to the restroom with her. I looked at her as she was asking, but said nothing. Everyone else declined, and she walked around and stood in front of me looking at me. I didn't know what to do at first, I thought she was just standing there for no reason. Then I chimed up and declined her offer as well, so she left.

A moment later I got up and decided to go get a refreshment. I was thursty so I planned to order a Coke as I waited in line. The cashier called, "I can help the next person in line," so I walked up and quickly rattled off my order of a large Coke. She then asked, "Are you sure because the large comes with a complimentary [something]." I accepted, and assumed she meant a pen or something small as she pointed toward some toolbox full of buttons and pens and things. She got my coke, and then handed me that and this whole toolbox of stuff and a pillow. I also apparently carried a pillow and blanket to the stand and so now I had a strange toolbox, some very old red pillow and my white pillow and blanket and I could barely hold it all. The toolbox closed up into a rather tall rectangular thing like I was carrying a long brick.

As I went back to my seat, a girl who seemed to like me was now sitting next to where I had first sat. I got there and passed my seat and to another seat nearby and said someone was in my seat, but I somehow overlooked my own seat. A friend moved his toolbox thing from in front of my seat and I took my seat.

The movie had started as I was walking back and I could see bizzare little creatures creeping around an upstairs hallway and a spider in the corner. Eerie music played like a minor rendition of all the classic fairy melodies from our pasts. People excitedly pointed out the tunes they remembered and the movie felt like it was going to be as mysterious as a Harry Potter film with all its magic.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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