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Mind Control [5/30/2003]

This dream was just totally freaky. It seemed to go along the lines of my other "action" dream. I only remember the second half after waking up. The first half was just sorta a mental note that I was beating people up trying to get away from something.

I was running down a touch-lit dungeon and these asia guys with ridged shovels were trying to beat me up, but I certainly had the upperhand. I took them out quite easily, and one of them changed sides and decided to follow me. I ran down the corridor and when into a room. The room was more of a lawyer's office with the expensive wooden walls and furniture. It was really small though. This big black guy settled my edge by trying to settle the situation in a gentleman's manner. His short speak was more like Darth Vader talking to Luke to get him to turn to the dark side. I rejected his offer and he decided to take me by force. He had explained in his speak that he could move faster and take me easily if I resisted.

I tried to run away, but then these yellowish suction cup things came out of his sides and arms. They weren't very long, so he had to get near me for whatever it was to work. He explained to me that he will just have to use mind control on me instead, and these suction cups were obviously the way he was going to do that. I tried to run, but he got me anyway, and then I don't know if I was being controlled by a mental projection or if I actually got away from him. I ran through a door nearby and got outside. He chased after me, and I ran around in circles doing these flips in the air so my feet would swing around and kick him back while I was running. He seemed amused at my running and kept chasing me.

After a while of running in circles and kicking at him, he stopped and started saying how it's a lost cause that I was fighting for. I looked out and saw we were on in a field on a hill. We stood at the top of the hill in the field, and a large couple of black people were running toward us, and I looked at him with like a "you racist b*st*rd" glare. I seemed to associate as a leader of this group of black people.

I looked past the group and down the hill and saw a large group of indians shooting arrows at us. I commanded the group to head out to my right and through some fields. Everyone ran with me. The children ran out ahead of us to get away from the fire. we ran through a patch of trees and I helped people over some rocks into the next field. The indians were also at the bottom of the hill in that field. I saw some children running across and arrows flying but hitting nothing. I bounded across the field and picked up a little girl who was behind all the rest. She was so skinny that she really looked like a stick figure only she did have some flesh to her. I seemed to be slowed down by her as if I couldn't run anymore. She spoke to me and encouraged me that I could run faster, it just takes time to speed up. So I bound across the field and up a hill into a patch of trees. An arrow wizzed by behind me and sounded like an airplane. I figured some contraption made it fly further than the rest.

I carried the little girl up to a seemingly abandoned school that we used as a hideout. We ran up to the entrance and went in. Some young men helped hold the doors so no enemies could get in. I quickly though of were to hide the children. Some folks were hiding in a classroom ahead of us. I look around and saw some doors to my right down a hallway. I had a sense that trouble was coming. Then I looked to my right. In the corner stood and old man who nodded at me as if to say, "follow your instinct." I decided to do that, and when through the doors, and I sense that trouble was coming up the stairs. This was what the old man was nodding about. That I should trust that trouble was coming up the stairs.

I told the children to get back, and I prepared to engage these enemies that I saw coming up the stairs. They were these asian guys again with their ridged shovels. I was held back by people holding onto me, but I swung my feet out and beat one up. Then the guy I had previously converted got in the fray and I accidently hit him. He said he was okay, and he took care of the second guy who came up the stairs. I then woke up from the dream.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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