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Line Mission - Tom Kiehl

We pull up in my car (rather hurridly) to this non-descript building with a gravel driveway. I drive around back of the building to the entrance and skid the car a little in the gravel. We (I'm not sure yet who "We" are) are met by this cleric dressed like some shah or something and his assistant. He tells us to always keep moving forward one foot in front of the other and hurries into the building with his assistant close behind him.

We enter the building and observe that there appears to be a black line on the floor between the tiles on the floor. The shah and his assistant are walking on this line like it's a tightrope. We follow them, one foot in front of the other, quickly along this line. We pass through many huge chambers, up steps to more chambers. We go into a room and pass some test ( I don't recall this test). We exit the room following the line, now the shah and his assistant are behind us. The floor slopes up relatively steeply and at this point 5 scrolls (which look like silver rolling pins with gold handles) each about 2 and ahalf feet in diameter roll down the line at us. We somehow manage to jump them, but the shah, who is right behind me loses his footing and ends up doing a split on the line. I attempt to move back to help him up, but before I can reach him he stops struggling to keep his balance and jumps up to his feet beside the line. He folds his hands and shallowly bows to me. The whole building shakes, the shah appears to scream, goes translucent and is absorbed into the wall. At this point I loose track of the assistant.

We proceed to the next room. In this room there are two doors aside from the one we entered. They are on opposite walls to each other. There is a large sarcophogus that takes up most of the room. We hear voices, speaking about death and it's hunger. The one door seems to say that death will be hungry soon as though what it has just "eaten" will no longer satisfy it. The door makes a chewing/crunching sound and motion. The other door is still and quiet but it seems that it could open at any moment.

We leave this room, following the line, and head to another room at the end of a hallway. In this room there is a sculpture of a bed included a sculpted doll, laying on the bed. The doll has obviously been tortured, something is painted around the neck suggesting a noose with thorns on it. Blood is painted on the doll and the bed. The doll has many wounds.

Beside the bed I notice a small trash can which appears to contain the actual doll which is depicted in the sculpture. I boldly step off the line and go and remove the doll from the trash can, I sit on the bed and hold and caress and generally attempt to show love to the doll. At the point I realize that the other two people with me are my sister-in-law Lara (a singer/songwriter)and my friend Kevin (my best man). The building begins to shake violently. Lara sees what I am doing and begins to sing as loud as she can a song which she had written. I listen the song and think about how awesome the song is, it's apparently one I recognize, and I determine that this was the best selection she could have made for the situation, somthing about God's love. I really wish I could remember music from my dreams, but all I remember is the line "take this place out of you and take you out of this place" ... at this point the whole building is shaking horribly like it's going to destroy itself.

Suddenly the three of us are being drawn towards the wall which I am facing, which is behind the two of them, next thing I know - we are all standing, after coming to a skidding stop, outside on the gravel next to my car. .. I wake up.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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