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Strange Hallway [4/07/2004]

This was a rather long dream. I also think I have some memory of another dream in this as well.

One dream was about camping. Andrew MacD. and I where out camping and had a campsite in this prime location which made it easy to find. I guess Mr. MacD. was coming down and meeting us there or something and we were telling him where it was. I don't recall what events happened after this point.

In this next dream I found myself at a party or gathering of some sort. It was located in a conference area on the upper level of some mall complex we were in. I believe it was Mark Johnston that was leaving the party, and I followed him to see what was up. He said he wasn't feeling good. So I asked him if he was sick or something and he didn't really say much back to me.

He got in an open-air elevator (not much of any walls to prevent you from jumping out) and I joined him. Then he jumped over the edge and onto a platform crammed full of punk people. I then followed him and jumped onto this platform. All the punks seemed to be mocking me and trying to cast me out of their presence by insulting me. I kept my attention toward where Mark was heading.

I got off the platform and followed him down the main hallway and toward an ignored hallway off to the side which had this wide and flat pillar that could obstruct anyone's view of what was going on behind it. Mark started throwing something that sort of looked like these square rods down on a statue or something. I asked him what he was doing and he didn't respond.

I didn't feel too comfortable standing there watching him attempt to vandalize this statue, and people were coming down the stairs toward the back of this hallway. So I wandered a little and then went up the stairs to the second floor of this mall complex where I could overlook what he was doing without being connected to the crime.

I found the railings on the side of the walkway where really low and there was some suspended part of this walkway in the large gap that made up the lower hallway. if you looked up above it and faced toward the main hallway, you'd see that there was this thin suspended walkway in the shape of a "U" that was connected to both side of the side-hallway by two small walkways at the lower left and upper right of the "U". The "U" had these short railings with glass paneling below the railings. The walkways were only about two to four feet wide so I was in fear of falling off.

I crawled along this thing and out to the upper right corner. Then Stephanie showed up in my dream and she seemed to be teasing me about my fear. But that's about all she did in this dream.

All of the sudden, I found that a church service was being held on this walkway and on the walkways along the perimeter of the hallway. People were singing and this one black woman was praising with her booming voice like Southern Baptists would sing. After the song she went to the bathroom which was right next to where we were having this service. A little while later I went to the men's room and came back. Then the service ended with communion.

After the service I was back on this deserted walkway and there was no way off of the thing without jumping. The air below us started to feel like water but wasn't visible like water. I jumped off and swam to the side of the hallway.

This woman was floating about there and she was talking about how someone had asked her what kind of video card they should get. She was talking about how ATI Radeons were up to the 3900 model. I laughed to myself at her old knowledge because I knew they were up to the 9800 models.

Someone gave me these memory chips and it seemed someone else wanted to hunt me down because I had them. I then climbed onto the walkway on the side and tried to find some way of hiding them. I found some sort of container that I could barely fit them in except for these few small memory chips which weren't of the same size as the others that I crammed into the container. Some guy came up to me and commented me on the chips and I said they might be useful to put into various electronic devices that I make.

I wanted to put them in something but didn't find much. I pulled out a very tiny little rapped up thing that was in the shape of a square with one side extruded at an angle. It seemed to cross my mind that this was the bread from communion wrapped up in this tiny little paper packaging. I put the stuff in my pocket and then I woke up.

This dream is currently: Unsolved

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